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Fast tricks for getting rid of a zit?

Asked by iwamoto (5271points) June 20th, 2008

i ate too much chocolate last week, so now i have 2 red zits on my chin that i want to get rid of as soon as possible, of course i can prevent it next time by eating less chocolate, i want something now, some martha stewart trick…any help ?

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Nicely but firmly, ask them to leave.

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I don’t know if it actually works for a genuine medical reason or if it’s just a weird psychological thing that worked for my friends and me, but… toothpaste. We used to put toothpaste on them, leave it there for a while, wash it off, and the next morning they’d be gone, or at least very reduced.

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Try witch hazel.

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yeah, come to think of it, isn’t the story that toothpaste dries it out ?

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my wife uses Proactiv…they have one product called the “refining mud mask”. It dries the zit up basically overnight..sometimes it takes longer, but it’s a lot faster than just waiting for it to leave.

sounds like it works as well as MacBean’s toothpaste, so maybe you could save a few bucks and try that first.

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Tea Tree gel is the way to go… fact, if you can’t find regular gel, even a tea tree shampoo will do the trick, just rub a tiny amount on the zit.
The Body Shop actually sell a tea tree based zit-gel. It comes in a little bottle with an applicator, a bit like lip-gloss, but for putting on zits and blemishes.

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Whatever you do, don’t squeeze it until it looks like… well, it’s white and ready. I know it’s gross, but if it’s under the skin, you’ll just end up irritating it and yourself and end up with a scar.

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I love the google ad. SensiClear. Fast results…gentle formula…one month free. Then it says “details after the jump” WTF does that mean?

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I forgot about tea tree oil. it’s great for cuts and other father-in-law swears by the stuff.

here’s a link if anyone is interested in its magical powers.

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@playthebanjo – ‘details after the jump’ means after you click the link, there will be more details on the product – commonly used on weblogs to suggest content after the end of the post summary, which is what you’d see on the blog’s main page. For example, if I put a blog post up with holiday pics, I can make them appear after the summary, meaning you have to click the link to read the full post in order to see them. Here it’s been adopted as a ‘call to action’ to get you to click on the link.

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Thanks…I just can’t see myself relating a call to action (typically when I hear that term it involves an action oriented social benefit/volunteer activity) with an infomercial on getting rid of zits.

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well, i guess i’ll test with the tooth paste first, i mean, i could go ahead and buy expensive products, but i’m not gonna use them a lot

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Sorry I mean call to action as a term we use in web design for a button designed to get someone to click on it with a strong message, e.g. “buy now or we’ll eat your kids”.

Damned cannibals…

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And just so you know, the chocolate had nothing to do with it.

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Ok, it’s gross, and I’ve never tried it myself(~) but an ex-roomate of mine swore by this method and he really did have the most flawless complexion ever. He said when you see a blemish coming to apply a drop of your first morning’s urine to it and it would be gone by lunch. A Q-tip is the easiest and cleanest way of doing this.

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Maybe I should try toothpaste but for me it all comes as being a typical teenage lad. It’s a pain and I’m sure I’m going to end up with a number of scars which I’m going to regret but it’s hard to just leave them there ;) also it gets annoying seeing as the human nature of most tends to be to point out the stupidest and completely unrelated things like “You have a spot there” (you also get statements like “You’ve had a hair cut”) I don’t think people have quite caught on to the fact that we don’t need to give everyone a life update about themselves. Utter pain.

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When you see it coming, put Neosporin or some other antibiotic ointment on it. Keep applying it, in about 48 hours the zit will go bye-bye.
It’s an infection; treat it like one.
for god’s sake, don’t pop it

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clinique’s turnaround cream works wonders as well.

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@ lindabrowne: Is this true?

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@ thebeadholder : I dunno if that’s true or not, but in the movie “my big fat greek wedding” the father put windex on everything! I think in the movie, his elbow hurt so he soaked it in a bowl of windex. :D

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tooth paste
deodorant (stick)
lemon juice
wash your face twice a day and when you try 2 squeeze it
more oil spreads and and causes more zits in that area
dont pop until its ready and when you do wash face before and after
and your hands hope i helped
please rate me

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ooh, wow, damn, does anyone know a good repair shop ?, getablanca just totally dented my ego, damn, look at that, looks like a hummer going 30 rammed it….

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[Fluther Moderator:] @gatablanca: Do you have any friends outside of Fluther? If you do, then you are not behaving in the same way here that you do elsewhere. You should not be walking up to people – virtually or otherwise – and insulting them at random. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. You have been warned.

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Toothpaste, you can get some creams that moisturize as well as clean up pimples and those are usually really good.

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@a love; See answers #2 and #4. It’s a good idea to read the other responses in order not to dupe.

That said, welcome to Fluther.

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