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Should I revert firefox to a previous version so an (important) add-on can work?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) August 16th, 2013

All said_ I used TMT (too many tabs) daily and have stored loads of pages I intend to flip through when I have the opportunity. This week_ I assume _ the browser updated automatically (on Ubuntu using Unity) to version 21.0. This add-on is not functional on this version, so all my tabs are somewhere in the ghost realm.
I’ve scanned threads on the topic, but I can’t quite find a time saving direct answer that offer an actual solution to the problem.
Thus, here I am consulting with me mates on fluther…

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Before you take the time-consuming step of reverting to an older version, see if you can find your previous sites using History.

In Chrome (and Firefox, I think), you can get there by hitting Ctrl-H. That way you can at least re-open those pages / sites.

EDIT: (I meant to continue.) After you’ve recovered the current crop of pages that you want to read, you may be able to find a new version of the add-on or use an alternate work-around to enable using the newer version of the browser. When my updates are no longer functional after browser updates, then I figure they’re no longer supported and I leave ‘em in the dust. I’m not going to force myself to use outdated software for a particular task – as a rule.

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No. I would first try @johnpowell‘s solution, as it might very well still work. That said, I would only temporarily run an older version alongside the current one to recover the tabs you saved, and then open them in the new version. Running an outdated version poses a security risk, even on Ubuntu – and the older version will soon be outdated. Let us know if you plan on doing this, we can guide you through that.

Also, do consider that there are plenty of alternatives, not the least of which is Firefox’s built in functionality (Preferences -> Tabs -> Don’t load tabs until selected) to, well, not load tabs until they are selected. Combined with Tab groups (default functionality as well), this can keep your browser clean and save memory.

Also, for Ubuntu questions you could try Ask Ubuntu.

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