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Let’s talk recreational explosives, what are your thoughts?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 19th, 2013

If you have acreage where you can set off tiny to small explosions (enough to blow the doors off a vehicle) and not hurt anyone or disturb your neighbor’s peace. Would it be wrong to mix certain concoctions up that can go boom, and use them on old shacks, outhouses, dead vehicles, etc that you or your friends own, no, you would not be doing it where a fire can get out of control? So long as no one will be close enough to be injured and it is your own property, what are your thoughts of having some fun with explosives once in a while if you can keep under the radar of The Man?

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Sounds like you’re asking to be put on a black list in some agency file. I personally think explosions are fun, but not being an explosion expert I would say it also sounds dangerous and more than a little stupid. As I say that I’m fully aware that I’m a hypocrite and would probably be right there blowing things up if I could.

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A fire can get out of control anywhere. No.

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Talking about it will not keep it “under the radar of The Man”.

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I think I’ll just stick with going across the border to Missouri to get the fun fireworks that are illegal to sell in Illinois.

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I’ll drop the love bomb.

boom chica chica boom

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Back in my younger days a bud of mine had access to some black powder…a lot of black powder. So many things you can do with that and this was before we had internet to look shit up. It was a hoot, but you have to be careful of course. I’m not handing out advise that anyone should experiment with it.

just so you know

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies “I’ll drop the love bomb”

just not this one

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When I was a kid I had these two little dynamite things. I think they were m-80’s, not sure. (described these baby dynamite things to someone on Fluther, they said it was probably m-80’s)
I was always curious how badass they were, but not knowing how big the explosion would be, I was too scared to blow them up haha. I had them for like, six years and never exploded them. So I don’t think I’d want to blow up random stuff unless I was a pro with explosives. I like my fingers where they are. Once I had a little firecracker blow up on the tip of my fingers, and let me tell you, that hurts like a horrendous bitch.

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@Symbeline I like my fingers where they are.
Sym, Sym, Sym, c’mon, if you mix aluminum nitrate, and other stuff together to make a m-80 on steroids, around the size of a 40 oz, you are NOT going to hold it to light it. If anything you are going to use 6 ft of slow burning det cord to give you plenty of time to take cover. LOL LOL

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