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What alternative wording can there be for right click's "View this image"?

Asked by flo (11353points) August 21st, 2013

Maybe people see what it means as soon as they see it. It means put this image in a new window/tab. But can you think of an alternative wording to “View this image”?

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When I do that, it opens the image in the same window/tab, not a new one.

“View image only”?

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@livelaughlove21, Thanks.

I can’t use that feature by the way because it is in grey for me, but see my OP here,

I was thinking “Url this image”, or “isolate this image”
I was thinking “I am viewing this image though, and it is big enough so I don’t need to view the enlarged version.”

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“Click on Image”
“View full image”

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@JamesHarrison My need is to get the url of that particluar image.
So, “view full image” or “Click on image”, doesn’t refer to url.
@livelaughlove21 “When I do that, it opens the image in the same window/tab,” What do you see as the url?

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@flo…the URL of the image, of course.

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Of course. what was I thinking.

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