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How do I tell if I have WEP encryption or WPA encryption on my wireless router?

Asked by TheKitchenSink (439points) June 20th, 2008

I just don’t know the difference, and I kind of need to know. I hear the password length is a difference of some sort, but I don’t know the difference specifically. If it helps, the password on mine is nine numbers long.

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Access your router control panel via a web browser, typically at

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On your laptop (or other wireless-connected computer), bring up your wireless utility and have it display the list of available wireless networks in your area.

You should be able to bring up the details of your home network to look something like this.

Also, most routers default to no encryption. And and if you don’t know how to access/logon (as @pupntaco suggests), there’s likely little you’ll be able to do without first familiarizing yourself with the user manual.

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