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Why are all wireless router companies locking their routers by default now?

Asked by luminous00 (350points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

like what’s the point of having an Internet wifi capable phone if there’s never any open wifi around. I mean if the router companies just gave them default random usernames and passwords then you wouldn’t have to worry too much….unless someone uses your access point to download kiddie porn or something, still bugs me. I liked a few years ago when everyone were getting into wireless and had them open….those were the days

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I live in the twin cites any where in the cites they have wifi

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Lucky you, hah. I live in a residential development, and I swear, either everyone got smart, or the companies are shipping them pre-secured.

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buy one or move close to a coffee shop

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I have one, but the need recently arose when our fios actiontec wireless/wired router croaked, and we had to wait all week for a new power supply to be shipped…

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I was not trying to be a asshole I hope it did not come off that way

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oh no, not at all. I’ve learned not to take text too personal, hah.

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off topic that your car in pic is it a r/t

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that’s the new dodge challenger, they’re being produced as we type. only 6.1l hemi’s are being produced this first year…..mmmm…...challenger….

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sorry I got a mustang

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I’m killing your thread sorry

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haha, it’s quite ok, i don’t think anyone will answer anyway, just thought it was odd

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you should google the néw super snake

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I was thinking the same thing recently… There are lots of girls in my apartment complex, and I’m pretty darn sure most of them don’t know a cat-45 from a wep key. (sterotypical – but isnt everyone, in the privacy of their mind?).

Conspiracy! Just joking.

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I must be one of the lucky ones. Free wi-fi for the past 3 years. Two residences. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

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They probably got tired of the support calls where they had to explain to the users that the router was not being slow, but that all the neighbors were stealing Internet service.

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It’s not like they do anything but check email! :D

[evil grin]

I’ll be honest, my internet tapping is limited to coffee shops etc. The state I currently live in is too backwards for a lot of people to have wireless.

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The default password for most routers is “admin.” Most people are too lazy to change it. Try it out : p

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