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How can I find out who painted this picture?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38845points) August 29th, 2013

This is an original that was given to a friend of mine many years ago. We think that’s Windsor Castle in the back ground. Any guesses as to who could have painted it?

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Try contacting Wichita Art Museum Curatorial Division . They may at least figure out era and artists of the time.

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It looks a lot like work done by Joseph Birren. Does the painting (or tge person who gave it to you) have any connection to Chicago?

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Well, she lives in South Africa.

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it looks like it’s from a student academy such as Windsor & Newton in London, turn of the century, and some were selected to be displayed at the Salon. I have one myself, different scene to yours but similar.

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Start by codifying. What are the dimensions? What is the medium? Is there a signature and/or a date? What kind of frame? What does the back look like? Examine everything closely. Can any of the back framing be removed?

My bro-in-law might have some idea of a resource. He will be busy over the long week-end but may have an idea or two then.

Erratum He won’t be able to help someone in SA. Does she live near an art museum? Is the painting light enough to carry in? Or a high-end private gallery. Usually the owners are very knowledgable.

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Great answers guys. I’m passing it all on.

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I tried a google image search but sound nothing, sorry. Did you know you can find similar images in google by uploading a file? It helped me ou the other day, but I got nothing today.

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You can also use TinEye, @drhat77, a simple-to-install and use Google extension that performs searches on images to see where else they reside on the Web. I got nothing on this one, though.

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Tineye is usually a good resource for identifying images but unfortunately it has nothing on this one. It is definitely Windsor Castle though.

I don’t think it’s Birren, the colours seem too muted in this one. Walter Greaves, maybe? He painted a lot of London and the Thames.

You might try sending an email with an image file of the painting and a full description of it to the Tate gallery in London, and asking for their opinion. What they don’t know about British art probably isn’t worth knowing.

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It certainly looks like Winsor Castle based on a little online research. I actually found another painting from a slightly different angle that was very similar.
The only thing that puzzles me is the shadowy skyline on the right of the picture. It certainly looks more modern than the castle.
I suggest you give it to you husband to hold onto for you so that your friend always knows where to find it.

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LOL!! No no no. No.
It looks like the “buildings” to the right are just part of the castle

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Well, I thought of that also and you are probably correct but when I looked at various views of the castle I decided that, while the main portion shown clearly was that of Winsor, there was no view that would give you the skyline shown. This is particularly true of taller structure behind the tree. Unless, of course that particular feature was modified some time after the painting was done.

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I found it listed as: Unknown Inspiration Images

Daniellenoble89’s Blog

Just another weblog

Unknown inspiration images

April 20, 2012 ยง Leave a Comment

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whoops my bad bad bad. Different painting. And one I can appreciate.

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My sister, the art education specialist, at first surmised that it is an American Romantic painter; we looked for that; then we Googled Hudson River Valley paintings. Nothing found but we really enjoyed browsing the images – you see how much time you can spend maccoing somebody else’s business? But if it is indeed Windsor Castle, then look for English/British Romantic painters. If you have as much as much fun as I did, then your time will not be wasted. PS: “maccoing” means: to attend to a task; or more particularly, to mind somebody else’s business. It is Trinidadian dialect.

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@bea2345 If you like the Hudson Valley paintings you HAVE TO go to the Hartford Atheneum, they have over 60 on display.

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