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How do I jailbreak my iPhone?

Asked by keso2 (61points) June 21st, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve finally decided to jailbreak my iPhone, but am not sure how to do it. Is there more than one way to do it? If I do, can I download Flash Player?

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Downloading Ziphone would probably be the easiest. Just go here and download whichever one you need, and then boot up the app and click jailbreak,unlock…(don’t quote me but I think it’s the first choice under the iPhone section). Wait like 5 minutes and you done.

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dont jailbrake. Wait a couple weeks for the new update to 2.0. It will be just as good. And as far as I know there is still
no flash player locked or unlocked.

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If you want though, you can unlock still and then sell your current iPhone for even more money than what you paid for it. People in other countries will pay a pretty penny for an iPhone that can work on any network, also, there is no guarantee that 2.0 will be released on July 11th with the new iPhone, they have mentioned nothing of the date that it will be released. Many websites I look at say it won’t be ready for a little while longer.

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I heard the official release date is July 11th. But who really knows. As for Can I download the program off my iPhone, or do I have to do it on my pc?

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You have to use your PC, you would need firmware 1.1.1 or lower I think to use

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Cool. Thank you everyone for your help.

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Flash is still not available on the iphone, jailbroken or not. Although good news on that front may well be on the horizon.

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iLiberty + is my favorite! Gives the option to install several addons. But, like Will said up above….wait for the 2.0 release any day now and the app store will solve your fix for apps.

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