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What is this type of shirt called?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10243points) September 4th, 2013

Many popular sporting brands have begun carrying a type of hunting/fishing style shirt of a particular character. Columbia is who I remember having these first. They are button up shirts, with collars, and pockets and ventilation. They are made of a very light material, and come in light colors. They usually have the logo above the right breast pocket. I think Columbia calls theirs a Tamiami, and I the closest I could find on Under Armour’s site was the Flats Guide.

Who was the first company to make this style of shirt? What are some other companies that make this shirt? What is this style of shirt called? Is it just a button up fishing shirt?

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Do they look like This if so, it is a Guayabera Shirt

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I believe the term “fishing shirt” is a universally accepted name for the type you’re describing. I know them well; my husband has many. There are a great number of manufacturers including Eddie Bauer. Google “fishing shirts” to see what I mean ;-)

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<——Look at the avatar, observe me on a fishing trip in such a shirt. I guess it’s a fishing shirt.

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I am not supposed to be in the sun and they offer UV protection. I got a couple in LL Bean and I also bought a couple in BJ’s Wholesale. I also believe that they see them at Dick’s Sporting goods. They are AWESOME!!

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