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Have you ever hid from anyone?

Asked by Headhurts (4497points) September 7th, 2013

I am currently at home, with the blinds drawn and the lights off.

Why? Well, a girl from work text me about an hour ago to say she left something at work and wants to call round to collect my keys so she can go and fetch it. I haven’t answered her and basically shut the house down.

Have you ever done something like this?

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Is the girl really that ugly?

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She’s not ugly at all. Quite pretty really.

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Then why hide? Instead you offer to drive her, then you invite her to a drink or two or three or 10, and then you make your move.

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Well, I don’t drive for one thing and for another, I don’t socialise.

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What’s the harm in giving her the keys so she can get what she left at work?

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Because she would have to come to the house, we don’t like people coming round.

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Sounds like you have some issues, really, hiding because you are freaked out by simply opening your door and giving this girl the key to your work?
So you play a childish game instead of just man/womaning up and helping her out to retrieve her forgotten item. Pffft….ridiculous!

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That’s mental illness for you, unfortunately.

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@Headhurts Well at least your honest about it. lol

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@Coloma Honesty is my only good thing. Though to be honest, I never used to be this bad.

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Open the door a crack, just wide enough to slip your arm out, and hand her the keys. Tell her you can’t make any contact because you are incubating the bubonic plague. Or just hang them in an envelop from the exterior door knob.

Text her that she can retrieve the keys in the envelop without ringing the bell and disturbing you.

Have you addressed this behavior with a therapist?

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During the Watts Riots of 1965 we stayed in our back bedrooms, away from the street for several nights because we could hear the gunfire.

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@gailcalled That’s so funny. I must look like a right looney. That really made me smile.

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^^ My bill is in the mail.

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that must have hurt, my little ducky.

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When I was 13 on a family holiday to Spain, I was lay catching some rays by the hotel swimming pool.
My mum had got chatting with this large German woman, who turned out to be a swimming instructor, she was buoyant at least.
Anyway, I wasn’t a strong swimmer at the time & so my darling mama, in her wisdom, had asked this woman if she’d give me a quick lesson. I immediately decided the best course of action was to pretend to be asleep, no amount of calling out & prodding would deter me in my quest to avoid “Heavy Heidi” & her splashing therapy.
Not really hiding as such, but it still counts I guess.

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@gailcalled Seriously now, yes it does come up in therapy, but it isn’t I want to work on the most, so it’s taking a back burner for now.

@ucme Heidi is the girls name! Seriously!

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@Headhurts It might have been, but I just made that up for comedic effect & she was no girl, musta been at least fifty & around twenty stone :(

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Only when I’m tweaking.

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@ucme I mean the girl that text me, her name is Heidi. Anyway, this was at 5pm, she will have called someone else by now.

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@Headhurts Doh, sorry crossed wires.
Be fun if her surname was Seek :)

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If I’m seriously attempting to avoid a person (usually a person that’s rather chatty or simply annoying) I will leave the item(s) on my front porch for said person to pick up at a time convenient to them.

If said person wants to drop off or pick up when I’m home, I come out and greet on the porch as to not encourage the person to stay.

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I’ve hid from religious door knockers, the truancy officers and my dad in the clothes cabinet and from customers in my convenience store years.

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so you were in the closet, eh?

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How are you going to go back to work and face this girl after behaving so oddly?

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Answer the door nekked. YOu know, nood and swingin’ buff. She’ll never call you at home again.

on second thought…

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Does turning off the lights to avoid trick or treaters count? It feels like hiding.

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When I was a kid, I went to play with a friend who lived down the street. Then I left and it was about nine or ten PM. Was a short way from home and I used the alley to go to her place and back all the time. On that one night, some dude was following me. I wasn’t sure at first, but the faster I walked, the faster he walked, so I sorta put two and two together. Got shit scared, and started running, and the guy actually started running after me. I got in my apartment building, but as I lived on the third floor, I freaked out and ran in the basement. That’s where people stored all their shit. There was an old fridge in there and I hid behind it. The guy came in the basement too. I never saw him coming in because I was hiding, but I heard the door open and he was walking around, I could hear him shuffling about. He didn’t stay very long at all though.
Told me dad after and he said I did good, but told me that if something like that happens again, I should scream and get as much attention as I can. Haha I’ll always remember that. Stupid creepy alley.

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@anartist Quite easily. Will just say I left my phone in my bag. She knows about a few of my issues anyway, that’s is probably why she only contacted me once.

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I just text her and she said she text me by mistake, because we were previously texting while on the way home.

Thank you to those who actually answered the question, some rather interesting stories, and of course to @gailcalled, I think you are great.

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What about your hubby answering the door or giving her the keys, or does he suffer from panic too? I’m probably late here.

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@Paradox25 It was a week ago now, but thank you for replying. I don’t suffer from panic, just don’t like people coming to the house. My boyfriend was around at the time as well.

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