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Are there any excellent book adaptation series like Game of Thrones?

Asked by throwaccount (147points) April 14th, 2016

Hi, well I was wondering what other series are like Game of Thrones. I love watching quality films. I haven’t been watching series and watching book-adapted movies (nor read them) but even so, I think Game of Thrones is the best one and I don’t think there will be another series like that. In fact, the urge to read the books only came after watching the series. Would you recommend me series like that? Thanks!

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The Hobbit films are good. As are The Hunger Games

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MTV has put out a sort of Teen-friendly version of The Shannara Chronicles. I watched the pilot, and it was entertaining. I may watch more, but I tend to prefer my fantasy in book-form, and I prefer to watch mysteries.

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You might dig Vikings. While it’s not based on any book series, it is (loosely) adapted from thousand year-old Norse sagas.

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There’s the understatement of the century.

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The Expanse (based upon a Space Opera series by James Covey)
Jessica Jones (based upon the Alias series of comic books)
Daredevil (comic book)
Lucifer (comic book)
Outlander (book series by Diana Gabaldon)

There are more, but those are off the top of my head.

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Yes, it’s pretty much entirely a work of fiction, and bears only superficial resemblance to the would-be source material, but I figured if the TC likes Game of Thrones then it might be up his alley.

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The Lord of The Rings films by Jackson were pretty good. I can’t even make myself watch the rest of The Hobbit, though.

Sharpe’s Rifles was a pretty good adaptation of the semi-historical pulp Napoleonic adventure story series.

The Shogun TV miniseries was a pretty good adaptation of that book.

I heard HBO’s Rome was well done, though I haven’t started it yet.

Netflix has a Marco Polo series that reminds me of Game Of Thrones a bit, but is more historical.

Daredevil is well done, but it’s a comic book adaptation.

Outlander is very well done in many ways, but I stopped watching after a while because of all the rapey/torturey bodice-ripping aspects.

I stopped watching Vikings after a while too. It’s mainly well done as better-than-most Viking fantasy, but I was unsatisfied with the historicity and the way it painted the Norse.

There’s also a Netflix one that started recently extending the Hidden Dragon film into a series, that I heard was good, though I haven’t seen it yet and it’s going to be kung fu fantasy.

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@Zaku – I really liked the first season of Vikings. I’m a historical reenactor and I specialise in the time period during which the Vikings first invaded Ireland. The first season was OK.

Then it became basically Sons of Anarchy with an occasional kyrtill visible under the studded black leather jacket.

Also I would really love to know what Rollo used to get the scars off his face. I have killer stretch marks and could seriously use the stuff

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Not sure why one would expect historicity from a show centered around a character who didn’t exist in the first place, but anywho…

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Because he’s a legend set in a specific point in time, one that didn’t include biker jackets and eyeliner?

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re: Vikings, I like it. I know it’s total fantasy (as is everything on History Channel). However, I like violent character dramas, which is what this is. It’s also extremely well produced. That said, this season is getting a bit tiresome and repetitive, and I think it’s jumped the shark. I’m invested, and I will continue, but I hope they end it this season before it really falls off the rails.

Hey @Seek, totally off topic, have you seen the Geek and Sundry web series “LARPS”? It’s totally up your alley.

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Right, because cosmetics are absolutely a modern invention and haven’t been in use in human cultures all over the world for thousands of years.

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The Lonesome Dove mini-series was pretty faithful to the book and was well done. I read the book years before the min-series, and loved the depiction.

Same with Deadwood.

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Actually, if a Viking showed up at a Thing with stuff on his face or with his hair uncombed, he could be fined.

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