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What is a good site to go to for free software to resize photos to use them as avatars etc.?

Asked by rojo (22085points) September 20th, 2013

I have pics that I would like to use but they are too big. Also, to make photographs download quicker on Craigslist. Any suggestions

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Here is one I’ve used.

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Just use Gimp , you can open the image in Gimp and use the function Image > Scale Image

You can resize easily by pixel or percentage. It’s also got tons of other functionality, almost comparable to photoshop. Every PC should have Gimp installed. It’s free, after all.

Here’s the link:

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I use XnView

GIMP is nice if you like overkill, and I use it myself for some things, but for simple stuff like resizing, converting, or color/brightness adjustment, XnView is better simply because it’s simpler.

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I’m curious to check that out, @jerv , would you recommend the minimal or standard version?

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I’d go standard.

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Dynamic Drive delivers up your icon with its favicon generator

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An excellent program, free, is IRFAN Go to
It does resizing and most of the editing functions.

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