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I have a Lurve question.

Asked by Katniss (6651points) September 22nd, 2013 from iPhone

Not that I’m keeping track or anything, but I’m on a mission to get into mansion and I’ve noticed that there are times when I get Lurve and my score doesn’t go up.

Is my Lurve tracker broken? Am I getting fake Lurve that doesn’t really count? lol

Anybody have any idea why this happens?

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You are limited by how much lurve you can get per person. You’ve maxed out on some people so when THEY give you lurve your score doesn’t increase.
I’ve been stuck at the same score for a while. I doubt I’ll ever make it to 40 because most day the only increase I get are the points for showing up.

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@Judi Thank you! It all makes sense now. It sucks, but it makes sense.

I just gave you some Lurve, I hope it helps.

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But I think there’s a separate counter for GQs than there is for GAs. So asking good questions is a way to get lurve from people who are already maxed out on you for GAs. I think.

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@Katniss It gets worse as you stay longer. You max out on everyone, and your lurve grows by one a day.
The best approach is to not care. Some jellies defy lurve growth by changing their names, and starting over.

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I don’t think it has changed, but I remember everybody saying it was this:
1. A person can only give you a maximum of 100 lurve.
2. You only get lurve for the first 5 GAs you get
3. You only get lurve for the first 5 GQs you get.

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This confused me too. I thought the automatic system was broken until someone clued me in. Don’t let it bother you. Getting points, after all, is not the primary reason for getting involved here. Is it? I’ve learned here that I’m more competitive, even with myself, than I thought.

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GA’s are limited to 20, GQ’s to 10, I think. After that you’re toast.

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Oh right – and further to what @dxs said, if the first 5 people who give you a GA are already maxed out on you, then basically you get no lurve for that answer. That is, if maxed people GA you within the first 5, they’re preventing you from getting the most lurve you can for an answer. Which is kind of the worst way to look at it, since a GA is always awesome to receive. But that seems to be how the counting is done.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong – I’ve only half followed the way these are calculated.

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I’m pretty sure I haven’t maxed out on dear little Katniss…sooo…this lurves for you my little darling!

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Your question is kind of a coming-of-age experience here in The Collective. It happens right around the point you are at. There are people we run into and interact with often. They shower us with clicks on the lurve button and quickly use up their available points for us.

It’s designed to avoid cliques and to get us to interact with the newer members more.

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Just to clarify (and moderators, correct me if this is wrong)...Other Jellies max out on contributing to your score at 100 points, be it through a combination of awarding a GA (5 points), a GQ (3 points), or following you (2 points). Thus, as @Hawaii_Jake points out, it prevents potential gaming of the site. Visiting Fluther consecutive days in a row increases the score by 1 point a day.

There is also something about GAs that stop accumulating points if members who have already maxed out on you give you a GA within the first five. Hopefully, a moderator can verify whether that this is myth or fact or clarify it.

What it does encourage Lurve is insightful questions and answers. Humor, when appropriate, helps as well. Understanding the actual question and empathy are also more likely to evoke recognition. Trust me that in saying there will come a point where the reward (Lurve points) won’t mean nearly as much as the recognition (GQ and GA tick marks).

P.S. Have you checked out the Fluther Awards? While they don’t add to the Lurve points, some are affiliated with several Fluther classic threads. They are truly worth reading.

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Just start over. Then you really can’t keep track.

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Basically, everyone has got it right. It’s slightly fuzzy, but the max you can get from any one person is about 100 points. Here’s a little more info: The good news is, so many people being maxed out on you means we lurve you!

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