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Do you tend to stop following a Fluther question when it becomes a back and forth between only two people?

Asked by janbb (62853points) September 24th, 2013

Why or why not?

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Depends. If it is taking place between two equally idiotic or uninformed types, yes.
If it is a great sparring, laced with humor, wit, and subtle and not so subtle sardonic verve, I like to follow along for the laughs and stimulation.

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Yep. I feel like I’m eaves dropping and get bored.

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^^Like @Coloma said, if the dialogue remains interesting I tend to follow along. However, I like to avoid exchanges of flaming barbs.

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Most of the time. Because it is usually a side issue that I have no interest in. Threadjacking.

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When it becomes banter that has nothing to do with the topic, it’s annoying. Those of you who do this, should make use of the private messages feature of the site. Perhaps we should loudly yell, “Get a room!” when that starts. Getting back on topic is sometimes difficult. GBOT, anyone?

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Yes and no. Sometimes, I’m still interested in the discussion, but am too busy to thoughtfully engage, so I keep up. Once I realize I won’t reply again, then I will leave it. Occasionally, the sparring itself is entertaining enough to follow for a while longer.

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If it is just chatting, I unfollow, but if it is based on content, then I follow.

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Yes. Particularly if I’m one of the people.

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It really does depend, some of the conversations @ETpro has had are pretty entertaining. At least to me.

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Yes. That’s why I hate social.

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Yep. I did this yesterday, in fact. And I was one of the people.

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Sometimes. Even more quickly, though, when it’s a forth-and-forth-and-forth among only one person who posts repeatedly.

Some of the TJBM and other game-style polling threads would be much more interesting if some overeager people would wait a little in between posts instead of riding the thread and posting every second response.

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I stop following when i miss a day and 50 posts have been put in and I have no idea what anyone said and i’m not going to read all those posts or comment in ignorance of them either

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@Jeruba “a forth-and-forth-and-forth among only one person who posts repeatedly.”

I can’t stand when jellies post multiple answers in a row! Why not just put it all in one response? Aggravating…

I have a friend that does something similar when we talk via text or Facebook. He hits “send” after every three or four words instead of finishing the thought first. Drives me nuts.

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I used to unfollow posts fairly early on. Since some jellies get quite heated in their back and forth exchanges, however, I stick around a bit longer now to moderate.

It’s not my cup of tea to keep reading unless it feels as though a thread is productive or, at the very least, informative. Sometimes these types of exchanges devolve into repetitive arguments that cease progress.

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All the time when it becomes off topic.

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Yes, I stop following. Especially when someone posts multiple posts as those above have stated. Why can’t they say it in one post? Drives me crazy.

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I’ve done the multiple post thing before, and I appologize. Agonizing, I know

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Sometimes I had another thought after the editing window has closed.

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Sometimes I jsut want more lurve potential.

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Depends on how interesting the exchange is. Some, I leave. Some, I make up a batch of popcorn and sit back to watch.

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When someone says that something bothers them and then somebody else turns right around and deliberately does that thing, whatever it is, I always think that second person must be somebody’s little brother.

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Yes, that is what I usually do. Whether it’s an argument or it just becomes “chatty” I tend to unfollow at that point. And of course I’ve been on the other side of that and I wouldn’t blame others for unfollowing :)

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I hardly ever stop following anything, but if it’s just random chit-chat between two people, I sometimes will. But it’s very interesting to see two great minds at work on a subject I’m interested in.

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I stop following it when it ceases to become interesting to me.

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When it becomes a food party (threadkjacked, chatting about food, and has nothing to do with question), I bail.

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I stop paying attention when a thread is overly-moderated. Then I feel like I’ve been listening at the keyhole and missed too many important points. I don’t know what’s already been said, or where would be a good place to jump in again.

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I watch a lot of the longer threads if they aren’t just silly posts. Some of them are very entertaining.

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Yes, I’m interested in community discussions. A community is not two people. Though I unfollow a lot of questions.

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It depends entirely on the conversation.

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