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Who wants to play "Every time I do/don't do ____, sure enough ____ happens!"?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46627points) September 27th, 2013

Going through a fast food drive through I always double check my order. It’s been months, maybe a year, actually since it hasn’t been right so I got lazy. Last time I went through a drive through I didn’t check…and sure as hell, when I got home I found that they didn’t put cheese on my cheese burger!

Happens every time.

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Everytime I need to text, I wait for a stop light, but when I actually need a red light, I never get it.

I’ve essentially found a way to always get green lights lol.

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lol. Lots of responses.

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Every time I let the cat out a piece of dismembered squirrel shows up at my doorstep.

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Every time I trust someone, I end up getting burned. True story.

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@KNOWITALL You can trust me! Like a rabbit trusts a fox!

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Every time I forget to close my bedroom door and am away from the house too long my otherwise-well behaved cat leaves an unpleasant little deposit on my bed. Yuck!

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@DWW25921 Hit me up on fb if you want- lol

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Every time I don’t do anything, sure enough nothing happens.

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I’m on pinterest because there’s less drama. Same dww25921

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