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Is there a right way to eat fat sushi rolls?

Asked by funkdaddy (16847points) October 11th, 2013

Ate sushi a few days ago and ordered a roll called a “fat samarai” not knowing it was going to be huge (I thought the ingredients made it fat, not the dimensions, silly Funk). The roll came out and it is five slices about three inches across and almost an inch thick. I’ve had large rolls before, this was much bigger.

This woman (short YouTube video) is kind enough to demonstrate my initial technique, the roll was a little larger than that, and I was slightly less graceful. When that didn’t work I just crammed each slice in my mouth whole. It was tasty, but a mouthful. I thought it was a worthy challenge, and my wife is used to me by now, but this probably wouldn’t be the perfect solution with a mixed group. I can’t see a Japanese Prime Minister throwing down quite like that.

I asked the waitress if there was a third option and she was generally unamused and said “People ask all the time, I just work here”... I asked if I could just get it as a burrito next time and she gave me a half smile and said she’d ask. Sorry to bother you lady.

So sushi loving Jellies (cannibals?), is there a “right” way to eat the fat sushi roll?

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How annoying. I wouldn’t order it. Simple as that. It kind of breaks all the rules of sushi making, doesn’t it?

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Honestly, even with fairly normal sized sushi rolls sometimes i just use my hands and cram! I’ve got utensils built into my arms in the form of fingers, whats the point in bothering with all the extra stuff. Um….but more seriously, if it’s that big that it is literally a problem of fitting it in your mouth, I just wouldn’t order it like @Seek_Kolinahr said…..sounds annoying.

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Between this post and the tags, I can’t stop laughing!

With all of the rituals that should be applied to an authentic sushi dining experience, it’s no wonder that we Westerners aren’t tossed in jail while visiting Japan. Watch this video to see why.

Using your fingers is acceptable for some types of sushi. Something as big as the roll that you describe falls into that category, and taking several bites is fine. If the sushi is served on a communal platter, chopsticks, not fingers, should be used to select one, and then place it on your own plate. Use the ends of the chopsticks that aren’t being put into your mouth for sanitary reasons.

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Ridiculous. I’ll have to add that to my list of foods that should not be ordered when I must maintain a sense of proper decorum. Chicken wings, spaghetti with meat sauce, and now “fat samurai” sushi are included.

It is OK to pick up nori wrapped sushi with your fingers. I would grab it between thumb and forefinger, dip it in soy sauce and bite off normal sized sections, while silently promising to never order this again.

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Along with @LuckyGuy‘s good advice, I’d stay clear of a waitress who “just works here” and won’t even seek out the proper response to a question that is frequently asked of her. That, more than anything else, is what ruins a restaurant meal for me.

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@Pied_Pfeffer – That’s a funny video!

If the sushi is so large I won’t be able to comfortably fit it all in my mouth, I’ll try to bit it in half, but it is difficult to hold it all together. I try to use the chopsticks to pick it up flat, like this |0| and gently compress the contents to hold it all together. If the seaweed is on the outside, I will pick it up with my fingers, but if it’s an inside-out roll with the rice outside, I prefer to use the chopsticks.

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Love the video. Next week: how to eat an edible hockey puck.

Yep, that thing calls for eating with fingers, not a chop stick, and a clear decisive chomp!

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The video is great. I didn’t know you eat sushi with your fingers. I’ve been using chop sticks all this time. Fingers are much easier!

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I remember facing this problem on a first date. It wasn’t called a fat roll. It just was. And I did try to bite it in small pieces while holding it with chopsticks. I got a mini lecture from my date about the evils of not eating it in one bite. And it fell apart because the seaweed was on the inside and didn’t cleanly bite through. I ended up letting him eat it. And haven’t eaten there since.

Unrelated but maybe not the first date was also the last.

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A fat sushi roll is like a four of a kind in Texas Hold ‘Em.

All in.

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