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Does anyone else wish you could post a pic with your question?

Asked by jballou (2128points) June 24th, 2008
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Can’t you just link to the pic in question. If it’s one of your own, then can’t you just upload it onto a million places on the net and link to that.

Hmmm. Do you have something to show us jballou? Hmmm.

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I think maybe they mean directly in the post, so one doesn’t have to link to another page. That wouldn’t be practical, though, would it? techies, help me here

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I personally think a little picture, with a size regulated my fluther would be really cool.

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It would be cool to be able to put a picture, but its not really practical since our questions are never deleted so they would have to save every picture to the server which im sure would take up a ton of extra room.Just a guess though, i may be completely off.

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When you post to Digg, they crawl the site you’re linking for pictures, and gives you the option to use one of them to accompany your post.

I think that would be perfect for Fluther. I don’t want a photo upload, just the ability to post or embed a photo, rather then having to link to it. That’s all.

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I just use tinypic. They host whatever image I upload and provide a unique url that I can copy & paste here. Easy.

But yes, it would indeed be cool to have inline images (even if they are hosted by a service like tinypic, instead of directly on Fluther’s servers).

@jballou, yah, Facebook does the same, and it does make things easy/breezy.

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Yes, yes, yes. One picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

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ah, i misunderstood jballou, in that case, sounds like an even better idea.

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No. Here’s perchik’s take on this : I’d prefer to link to offsite photos. ..... but I’d hate it if people started using images for other things. Like a signature image or something. Or a rogue user posts porn everywhere before getting banned. I’m sure there would be some kind of moderation if ben and andrew implemented something with images, but until them, I’m fine linking to images. ( from a really old question back when fluther was only a few people)

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one thing I like about fluther is not having to view photos in a bunch of responses. Think about the mobile users and others who don’t want to see pictures when they are looking for an answer to a question. links are just fine for me. keeps fluther from getting cluttered. plus, it would turn into people posting random pictures for the heck of it.

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Pretend that just posted a goatse or tubgirl image.

One of the nice things about this place is that it is safe for work. You don’t have to worry about getting a gif of a guy fucking a chicken on this site. People could link to them but you would have to click to see them.

My vote is for not having images.

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eh yea, i guess i can see your point of view for not having them too. And i guess it would make more sense after all. Id rather this site didnt get flooded with stupid LOLcats. I change my mind, i vote no for pictures.

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OK, you guys talked me into voting no too.

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Yay! Let’s become 4chan!!!~

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@robmandu is tinypic like photobucket? If you link to one picture, does that mean that whoever clicks on the link can see your whole album? I think it would be cool if we could post pics, but the site is so busy, I don’t know how they could do that wtihout slowing it down quite a bit. I just looked up and saw uberbatman’s post, and now I vote no too!!

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Just like the avatar that will be neat and cool.

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I’m with @johnpowell – it doesn’t make practical sense to have pictures.

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It could be very useful to be able to post diagrams, yes. Of some dimensions, or simply being able to show/hide them to avoid clutter. Responses with diagrams would be very nice too, and saving on eye strain of necessary walls of text that try to save them.

But you can already do this using an image host, just google that. Post the link, done. No (further) programming necessary :)

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As long as it had a limited size, up to 100kb is sufficient. Another forum I’m in (set to private) allows up to 50kb images in Questions and Replies, as well as smiley icons. It’s a lot of fun but in a forum like this, it would possibly be innappropriate unless a mod gremlin overlooked and previewed each submitted image.

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After considering it further, I think it could easily end up looking awkward with too many images. The proposed solution: linking the image works best. Those who want to see it, click on it. And are done seeing it—going back to the consistent, relaxing style of the site.

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