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What is your opinion on people saying Askville is better than Fluther?

Asked by Tiabaailey (147points) October 25th, 2013

People tell me that Askville is better than Fluther, I just want to know your opinion about the situation.

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Whoa, this has troll/spam written all over it, yet might actually be a valid question.

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Ummmm, thats not a valid answer.

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Ask lol is very different from fluther. No one is trying to get “best answers” here.
It is a different culture.
It’s like going to France and complaining that it’s not enough like America.
Sit back, check out the sites and reserve judgement until you’ve been here a while.
I know its different when your a refugee instead of a visitor. I hope you learn to love it like the rest of us once the culture shock subsides.

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If it was, it sure isn’t anymore.

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Fluther has the benefit of still being open.

That said, it’s always hard to move house. When I first came from Answerbag, it was hard dealing with little things, like the fact that questions are all one thread, instead of breaking of each answer into smaller discussions. In time, I came to actually prefer this format, as I didn’t have to make extra effort to discuss everyone’s opinion. It’s more inclusive.

Fluther is no longer in development; the creators have moved on. They keep the doors open for us. This means we get to stay as long as we like, and they’ll never shake up the site just to piss us off. I like that.

A lot of new users find our moderation a bit harsh. I like that we’re a tiny bit more highbrow than ‘Tony looked at me in class, but looked at my friend on the bus. Does he like me?’ I like that we don’t allow text speak or abysmal grammar or trolling or spam. We are a community, and we are close friends, of a fashion.

If you want a crystal ball reading or a dream interpreted or only the nice people to answer, you can give the sludge pit of Y!A a bash.

If you want people who will help you fix your computer at 3am, or talk you out of self harming, or argue religion or politics until you’re blue, or send your kid a first day of school present, stick around.


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Who cares?

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Another dose of this fucking pointless crap.

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I guess it hardly matters anymore since Askville no longer exists!

I came here after they shut it down yesterday. I had heard of this place along and along, specifically after the last change to askville a few months ago.

I can’t see how one or the other is better or worse. I haven’t been here very long, but from what I can tell, the differences are not negative. I loved Askville, of course, because I spent four years there and it was familiar and comfortable. But I am sure that this place could become that as well.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Ha! I forgot about “only the nice people”. Thanks for that :)

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Hardly matters, does it?

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Fluther is better than Askville.

Fluther still operates. Try to sign on to Askville.

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“Nice people” compared to pitt bulls, sharks, or grizzlies?~

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We’re all here. That tells you what we think.

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Pfft. Ridiculous.

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Different, not better or worse though being open does help. We hope you come to lurve us!

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Whatever works…

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