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Will my hair get damaged if I use glue to attach hair extensions?

Asked by angelcrot (4points) October 26th, 2013

I want to get hair extensions attached to my hair but I am not sure which method to use to attach them. Any help on this will be appreciated.

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Mine got damage a bit but the results were pretty fun.

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The glue used to bond extensions to real hair can cause an allergic reaction on the scalps of some people. Always get your hair extensions done at some reputable salons staffed by trained professionals.

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From what I have read, there is always the possibility of damage. After all, you will be putting glue in your hair! :)

The general consensus is that gluing in extensions is less damaging than sewing them in. I guess that an allergic reaction to the glue could be a deciding factor, though! Just doing extensions occasionally and not all the time could also help you maintain damage-free hair.

If you try the glue, there are videos on Youtube on how to remove the glue without problems. I would look there for more information. Good luck!

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Yes because it pulls at your natural hair. I don’t suggest doing your own extensions unless you’re a professional. Clip extensions will cause the least damage to your hair.

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