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What's your biggest outcome?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) June 25th, 2008

Not considering house-rent, debt payment, gas, taxes and all that boring stuff.

Mine I think is music.

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My biggest personal outgo is to: triathlon and coffee.

Huh. Never thought about it that way.

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Mine is professional studio time, and music.

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Mine used to be my xbox 360. then it broke a few days ago :) / :( lol

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Software for my Mac.

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I honestly don’t understand the question. By “biggest outcome”, do you mean the thing you spend the most time on?

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As of late it’s my new bike and everything related to it.
Also, random stuff I buy on Amazon that I probably don’t need.

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Babo doesn’t get this question!

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I mean outcome as in money, pardon my english since it’s not native but I put “money” as a topic so I thought it was self-implying.

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Another way of saying “outcome” (or “outgo” as Robmandu cleverly said and linked to), is… Expenses!

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Music equipment and my Jeep.

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ahh no its my fault. i forgot to look at the topics. my biggest expense is probably food, i like eating out in restaurants and close to that would be gadgets since i enjoy playing with new tech toys. for other answers you might want to check out this previous question

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music, or starbucks

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This month? Some girl.

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@soundedfury, isnt that what it always is, thats how i feel

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Trollops and whiskey.

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@pupntaco, wouldnt mortgage fall under house-rent, and therefore wouldnt be part of this

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In that case, if he’s asking about expendable-income expenses, I have none at the moment. Just bills.

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yeah i think it was supposed to be discretionary expenses, which is why he listed the mandatory items

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You’ll all be here one day. Mine is prescription drugs!

@Magnus Outcome is not used in English as the opposite of income. Wacky language that English is. It has a different meaning (per Meeriam Webster): \ˈau̇t-ˌkəm\
Function: noun
Date: 1788
Definition: something that follows as a result or consequence <a surprising outcome> <patient outcomes of bypass surgery>

Now, please give me a lesson in your native tongue.

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Its definitely pet supplies. But since that is a necessity (I have to feed my kids) I’d say music and electronics. I just bought a wii, and boy are my arms tired.

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