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Will I stop growing if I lift heavy weights?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) June 25th, 2008

I’m a 15 turning 16 year old female, and i plan to enroll for the military (naval reserves) when i’m 16. i heard in it that i will have to carry a 60 pound ruck sack on my back for 13 kilometers plus a 7 pound rifle…will that stop any of my growth? height (etc etc) ?

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No way that this can stop your growth. All you can have is pains on your back or shoulder (considering the weight of your bag).

Even repeated sessions of heavy carrying won’t stop your growth.

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Why are you joining the military if you don’t mind my asking? I could never see my self wanting to do something like that. Or anyone I know for that matter.

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60 Pound ruck is a lot of weight. Are you training? The PT will probibly help your growth.

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It will not affect your height. As you do it, you should build muscle, which might have an impact on your weight (muscle tissue is heavier than fat tissue), but that would be offset by a loss of inches as your body becomes more toned.

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