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Respiratory therapist help!

Asked by steveiwonders (5points) November 12th, 2013

Hi, I am very thankful for my school at Foothill college to let me attend their introductory class because I am very interested with this profession which involves saving lives. I need help getting the following questions below so I can write up a 1–2 pg report. I will be very blessed to have you in my report. Hope to see you in the field :)

Requirements of the Interview:
From which college(must be 2nd yr student):
[ If you are already a Respiratory Therapist you can modify the questions and make it informational and just put which hospital you work rather than which college you where from]

Interview Questions:
1. What obstacles have you encountered since entering the program?
2. What have you experienced in clinic that came as a surprise to you?
3. How many different facilities have you had an opportunity to rotate through?
4. What skill or skill have you mastered since you first started the program?
5. What concerns you about the current job market and post graduation?

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You could type out each question or requirement with bullet points. Then answer them as best as you are able. Double space between topics.

I’m wondering what is behind the question about job market post graduation. That’s a red flag to me.

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Hi, and Welcome to Fluther.

No, we will not do your homework.

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i am sorry if i wasn’t clear enough. I’m not asking you to do my homework. I’m doing an interview from people who are studying as respiratory therapist or are already therapist.

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@steveiwonders You seem to think that your classmates will be reading your question on Fluther (“Hope to see you in the field”). It is highly unlikely that you will encounter anyone from your program, anyone from your school, or anyone from your field of study here.

Shouldn’t your first course of action be to figure out how to reach the types of people you want to interview?

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@steveiwonders: Is English your native language?

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great help! I will just forget about this site. thanks for your time.

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@steveiwonders No one is telling you not to use the site… just that this is not the best place to find answers to this question. By all means, come back and ask other questions. :)

Think of it this way: now you don’t have to wait a long time to discover that no one will fill out your survey here. You can get answers more quickly if you go to a place more suited to your needs.

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