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Do you have a kitchen appliance that has never been used?

Asked by JLeslie (65196points) November 12th, 2013

Large or small. Can also be things like fondue pots. Let us know how long you have had it and why you bought it. Or, for what occassion it was given to you.

In my last house I had a double oven, and I never used the bottom oven.

I have a can opener I have personally never used because I can’t figure it out. My husband used it two or three times when I first bought it. I have owned it 12 years.

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My kitchen is L-shaped, and only has one (YES 1) drawer. For that reason, I resist all single-use kitchen appliances. I don’t have a pancake maker, a pizza baker and an electric wok. I have a STOVE, and SKILLETS and PANS.

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Nope! I’ve moved enough times that I no longer store things I don’t use – no point packing, transporting, and re-storing something useless. I either give them away to people who will use them, or I donate them.

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Can’t say there was a kitchen gadget or appliance that I own that I have not used at least once. I love to cook and I am known for my love of kitchen gadgets, I feel like a kid in a candy store when I enter Williams Sonoma’s Outlet store. If I don’t like how it preforms I give the gadget away to either good will or to someone who wants it but most of what I buy will be used for the purpose intended and other ways as well.

The gadget that I use least thus far is my meat slicer, I find though its great for parties where you need cold cuts, all you need to do is buy the different meats and cheeses whole and you can slice it all up at the thickness you want it to be, you can also ensure the meat your serving is what it should be not meat made with fillers. I have even made the sandwich slices with whole pickles which turned out cheaper than buying them already sliced.

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@creative1 Ah, I would love to own a meat slicer!

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We have Japanese-style ceramic spoons – like you get with miso soup or ramen – that we haven’t used yet. We also haven’t made pasta since we bought the pasta drying rack, or pizza since we bought the easy-slide paddle. We’ve only used the ice-cream maker once. Those are the only things that come to mind. We enjoy cooking but don’t have the time or energy with our jobs and commutes. I’m sure they’ll get used at some point.

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Well… I have a couple of pots and pans that I don’t use anymore.

I don’t have anything new that I never used, but since hooking up with an Asian girlfriend, and woking a season as a cook in a local restaurant / burger bar, I have changed the way I cook a lot, and now have a whole load of redundant stuff.

I use 3 knives, a chopping board, a grill, a wock, one thick pan, and maybe a couple of other things. The blenders and slicers and dicers and things for removing pips or shaping pastry and things have all been retired for ages now.

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I do have an ancient espresso machine that I’ve only used a few times. Apparently people weren’t too fussy about safety in the 70s, and if you touch the milk steamer thing while the device is plugged it, you get burned (expected) and electro-juiced (VERY unexpected)!

So, that’s sitting in my out-of-reach cupboard until I decide I really need a cappuccino.

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@Seek_Kolinahr You can probably sell it for a movie set or museum.

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After my divorce, I lived in my townhouse for four years and only found out that I had a dishwasher when I had a real estate lady come in to assess the place for sale.

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I have a meat slicer. Last time I used it I lost a big chunk of one fingertip. I don’t use it now.(The slicer) But I also have cool fingerprints.

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Oh man, I would lurve a meat slicer! I, too, have lost a fingertip, but it wasn’t in anything as useful; it was in (on?) a mandolin. That was one bloody stuffing that fateful Thanksgiving

I have an extremely complicated wine-bottle opener that I have never been able to figure out. I have no idea why I still have it.

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Only one thing, and it’s not an appliance: our icing spatula has never been used. We just haven’t make cupcakes since I got it as a stocking stuffer last year.

Those of you who use a meat slicer or mandoline should pick up a pair of these.

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I use my mandoline on a nearly daily basis, and somehow have never forgotten that I’m moving my finger at speed toward a razor-sharp blade.

I do burn myself a lot, though.

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<cherishing my fingertips>

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I hardly ever used my warming drawer when I had one.

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I have pasta maker that looks a lot like this. ‘ve never used it, but it’s not actually in my kitchen, it’s in the basement where all the old catering/food production equipment is stored, so I guess my answer is no.

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Haven’t lost a finger tip yet on my meat slicer or mandoline for that matter but the meat slicer I have has something to hold the meat in place and I in no way try to use it without this and the mandoline came with something you stick into the end of the thing your slicing and you hold the handle to slice it. I guess word to the wise when picking out a gadget make sure you get one with the safety things necessary not to loose precious fingertips.

Now the only major cut I did get in the kitchen wasn’t from a gadget it was from washing a glass that broke as I put my hand into it to wash the inside. I needed stitches in 2 places and boy did I bleed from that booboo. I can say after that I make sure my glasses are both very thick glass and have a very wide mouth so my hand always has room to wash them.

I got my meat slicer on black friday really cheap, its also where I picked up my pressure cookers for under $10 each when they usually go for between $25 to $50 each depending on size at JCPenney.

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@creative1 Yeah, I still have a scar from the time I twisted my hand while it was inside a glass to wash it. Took a few stitches, and I still had to come back and finish the bloody dishes. Literally. :)

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I rarely use any of the things in my kitchen.

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@Haleth I’m not coming to your house for Thanksgiving.

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@creative1 yeah, mine has the guard thing, but it mostly gets in the way, or smushes things like tomatoes. Also, it’s impossible to use for slicing zucchini.

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I have a fondue pot that was a joke wedding gift that I never use. I rarely use my mandoline or the George Foreman grill that came with my husband. Our blender doesn’t get much use either.

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@tedibear Just wondering where on hubby the grill is?

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Erm… no, no I don’t.

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I love fondue.

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@Adirondackwannabe – It’s on his head, of course! When he sits down it’s at the perfect height for me to use. He’s not a fan of the grease that rolls off onto his neck, but it’s better than when it went into his eyes.

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I bought some very nice wooden plates at a charitable auction once. Don’t know where they are now but the person who donated them was not stupid;)

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I have a rather expensive electric knife that I’ve used only once, having cut my finger when I inserted the blade. I doubt I’ll ever use it again.

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My kitchen is about the size of 3 or 4 shoe boxes. I’m of the opinion that anything that hasn’t been used in a 7-day period is ripe for donation or the trash.

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@Judi I always wondered if anyone actually uses their warming drawers. I think some ovens have a warming setting. Still, I don’t think I would ever use it.

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That’s a shame, @tom_g. Mine’s at least as big as a good sized boot box! ;-)

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@JLeslie I like to keep my drawers warm, especially in the winter!

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