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I need to ID an indoor bulb. Gift from the Dartmouth Arboretum.

Asked by gailcalder (77points) November 10th, 2006
Flower is an elongated cluster.. on a 3' stalk. One cluster per bulb. Each floret is 3/4" diameter. 6 petals, ivory w. center green stripe. Center ovary and filament, 6 stamens. Resembles FLY POISON (amianthium muscaetoxicum) or BUNCHFLOWER (melanthium virginicum) except that FP and BF are all white and mine has the green. Strappy leaves.
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Answering my own query; bulb is Ornithogalum caudatum aka False Sea Onion. It has nothing to do w. seas or onions but is a pretty and easy non-hardy indoor bulb (which produces many bulbul that make good gifts for gardeners, How can I remove
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Asked and then answered by me. Any way of removing question?

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