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Does it seem like the plastic chairs in this picture would be floating if it were a real picture?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46736points) November 22nd, 2013

This caught my eye. Having had experience with chairs like that, I would think they’d be floating. But then, again, maybe not?

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Well, most plastics are less dense than water, and so they float. However, this is not the case for all plastics, but it’s likely that these chairs would float.

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They just look like the kind you get at Dollar General…...

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They wouldn’t be floating yet, unless they were far less dense than similar chairs I’ve seen elsewhere. Once the water rises to the level of the seat, then they’ll start to float. (If any of those chairs were tipped over, they might also start to float, although the lower feet would probably still drag on the floor.)

It’s a real picture.

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Every singly stacked chair that I can see has something in it. Maybe that’s enough weight to keep them solid.

I hope they’re not handling water moccasins!

I was hoping for something more like this.

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Yeah…doesn’t the Philippines have really venomous water snakes??

OHHHHHHHH @ibstubro! Yes! It’s like Weekie Watchi Mermaids only funky! Those people on the bottom of the pool were totally me between the ages of 5 and 16!

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No, the water would have to be higher.

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Hey hey hey, this is some subliminal message thing, isn’t??

Kiddin bro.

But eh I don’t know much about chair science. But those should float, except I think you need a higher level of water for them to do so. They’re light chairs, so if there was any current or the water was being moved by people going about, they might move a bit. But those chairs do float if you huck em in the river or something. Except they wouldn’t float all perfectly straight like that, they would be floating on their sides or at some angle or another.

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Most of the weight of the chairs is above water so the little amount of the chairs that is in the water does not displace enough water to float the whole chair. I.e. only the part of the chair that is displacing water (in the water) is helping it to float.

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