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What do you think of Google acquiring the Roman Catholic Church?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) July 7th, 2008 from iPhone
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if the link dosent work the article is on digg

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um, it’s a joke about how big and powerful Google is becoming

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Google acquiring the Roman Catholic Church? Man, you’ll believe anything!

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Its very shocking, and on the same day as Apple bought the rights to the Pacific Ocean… How uncanny!

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Oh, and Pepsi bought the federal court system too!

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Some people in the collective are gonna be upset by that news.
Hmm. I wonder who?

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all hail our overlord GOOGLE!

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…and Big Oil bought Congress

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Does that mean we can place adwords in churches now?

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@sndfreQ: That happened 20 years ago!

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I thought the hat that popes wear was a google. Or, are those the red shoes?

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Why would Google want to acquire the Roman Catholic Church when there already is a religion known as The Church of Google? That might run them afoul of the Antitrust Division, I think.

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Very silly. The Roman Catholic Church I think holds more realty on earth than any organization…I’m sure it would take more than 1.8 billion..more like trillion.

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Well that might explain the new legislation of “Bail outs”
The church’s want their share, so Google will step up to the plate and let the US government off the hook.
NOW will Yahoo buy the Baptist churchs? They have a tendency to hollar YAHOO :)

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Google might have to acquire the Mormon Church at less money.
The Catholic Church would be a little pricey. lol

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Uh, will this mean that confession will go virtual?
And that all mandatory Church contibutions will be via PayPal?
And that at ordination priests will have to take the vow to use only one search engine?

(Name change possible? To “Godgle”?)

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