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Donald or Daffy?

Asked by ucme (50047points) October 25th, 2019

No, not Trump silly!!
Which duck did/do you like best?

Daffy all the way for me, Donald gets on my tits to be honest.

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I like Daffy as well.

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For the most part I will say Daffy, but have really liked Donald on occasion .

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Daffy is a whole lot smarter than Donald. Daffy can speak in complete sentences.

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I’m a Daffy fan. I particularly loved it when they used his voice-over on the Star Wars kid.

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Donald reminds me too much of @stanleybmanly

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@seawulf575 He shoots, he scores & the quarterback is toast!!

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@ucme Daffy was in Die Hard?

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@seawulf575 Good catch sir!

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I am a movie trivia beast.

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Ahh, now that i see as a challenge.

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What a crowd of dummies! Of course you prefer Daffy because Donald is designed to get on your tits! THAT is his ONLY purpose. He serves the same function in those cartoons as the smokewulfe does here. He’s the house DUMMY— he’s there to be contrasted with and outwitted by the likes of Chip and Dale. Everyone around him is more interesting and inciteful than himself. The money grubbing Uncle Scrooge McDuck for instance, but these are elements you ignorant neophytes simply miss because you are too young to have been reared on the comic books around these characters. It isn’t your fault.

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Thufferin’ Thuccotash!!! That Theawulf really knows his Thtanleys!!!

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It might benefit you to enroll in Sylvester’s school for speech therapy or the Elmer Fudd institute on abstract thinking.

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Would hang out with Daffy but Donald’s my pick for dinner. Have no doubt Daffy would give me food poisoning.

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This conversation is an interesting take on how we are manipulated without giving it a thought. What is the contrast between Donald & Daffy? Donald is the average schmuck. He’s buttoned up and square as a brick. He always has a dull square job or task. He’s the epitome of tedious routine. Daffy on the other hand—-why don’t some of you finish the sentence? Donald’s cartoons (at least the ones made in the 40s and 50s) are superior in the sophistication of his antagonists. He is simply there for them to outwit. It doesn’t matter if the antagonist is the fish he’s trying catch or tne weather, Donald is ALWAYS the straight man.

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Roger Rabbit.

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@stanleybmanly Donald is a squared away guy…except he wears no pants. That’s what got him banned in Utah once upon a time.

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