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Updating Facebook status?

Asked by livejamie (111points) June 26th, 2008

Is there a way to update your Facebook status remotely, that will support prefix editing?

There a couple websites that will let you update the status, but if if you enter in “Enjoying the Weather” it comes out as “Jamie Enjoying the Weather”

There was a Facebook application called Twittersync that did this but since the IM API is down, it is no longer working.

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Just type ”..‘s enjoying the weather”.

That way, it’ll come out as “Jamie’s enjoying the weather.”

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just use facebook mobile.

is it really hard to type in “is” ?

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Look up the Facebook app call FB2twit which will allow your updates to Facebook to auto-post to Twitter (the opposite of TwitterSync).

And yah, from your phone should work, too.

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There’s a mac app called Facile that will let you do this nicely – as mentioned in other answers, you need to add prefixes such as ‘is’, ‘was’, ‘likes’ etc yourself.

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I’m a little confused. What is editing your status “remotely”. What’s the advantage of going to a website besides facebook to edit your status?

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I’ve been using By posting just to, it will auto-update my status on several sites (Facebook, LinkedIn), blogs (Tumblr), micro-blogs (Twitter, Pownce, Identica), whatever (custom add your own) in one swell foop.

It’s still in beta… but if you wanna try it, send me a PM and I can give you this week’s beta access code.

You’ll still hafta add “is” yourself.

But does provide a rules/directives mechanism whereby you can have it automatically post your message only to some (or one) of your sites, instead of all…. which is also cool.

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La Chica, the advantage to updating your status not using facebook is that it’s very easy to get distracted by news feeds or activities if you sign in just to update your status (not to mention it’s more effort). Therefore for folks at work, or keeping busy, an app that keeps you ‘in the loop’ and allows easy status updates makes you use that feature a little more, which in my opinion is good fun.

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