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Can women hear higher frequencies than men?

Asked by AstroChuck (37543points) June 26th, 2008 from iPhone

Three women, myself and another male were standing near an outdoor escalator when the woman started complaining about a high pitched whine given out by the escalator. Neither of us men could hear anything. Just wondering if women can hear higher frequencies.

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Evolution has made women more sensitive to high pitched noises so that they can better care for their offspring. In the middle of the night, or during the day for that matter, a woman’s ears would be more receptive to the crying of a baby.

On a side note, children are also more adept at hearing high pitched sounds than adults.

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Only the bitches.

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Oh no, I’ve over lurved AC and WF! You two always provide lurvable content.

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i think that it could be so that they can better fulfill their duties, and hear when coffee pots are boiling on the stove

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Good point waterskier! You gotta get it while it’s hot – or it just won’t have the same impact when poured in to an idiot’s (non-gender specific) lap.

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haha, i was just kidding, because if figured it was open game after the “only the bitches” comment

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Our senses are just different, like everything else about the sexes.

Women do hear better at higher frequencies : “Women of all ages have better hearing than men at frequencies above 2000Hz.” Men, on the other hand, hear sounds 2.3 times quieter than women on average.

Women have a keener sense of smell.

Women are more likely to have a keener sense of taste: “Taste is related to the number of tastebuds on the tongue: the more tastebuds, the stronger the ability to taste. Bartoshuk classified the American population into “supertasters”, “medium tasters” and “non-tasters”. Supertasters live in a “neon world” of flavours; non-tasters in a “pastel world”.

“Women are more likely to be supertasters – that is, they respond more to components such as bitterness and tannin in wine,” says Stephen Charters, professor of Champagne management at Reims Management School in France.”

Women also have a keener sense of touch, with ”. . . about 10 times more skin receptors than men.”

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That explains everything! :^D

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Especially “women tend to use both hemispheres when listening,” being sensitive to how things are said, and not just what. I’ll try to override my natural tendencies and remember that…

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Now, if a woman can hear higher frequencies than a man, does anyone know if men can hear lower frequency sounds than women?

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Yes, AC, they do, especially since as women age their ability to hear low frequencies deceases much more precipitously than men’s. I am thinking you did not read the articles.

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I’m lazy. What can I say?
Remember, I’m just a man. You expect too much.

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Also, the first link (medscape) required a log-in, which I must admit I was too lazy to get.

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@Kmd & AC, Yes when I went back to check it, I saw that. My apologies. I went right to it from google the first time.

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its the sensitivity in all areas of women
Women cry
Men tend to turn over and just go to sleep.

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