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Where is a great place to get oysters on Vashon, Whidbey or Bainbridge islands in Wasington?

Asked by mollykm (126points) June 26th, 2008

Preferably with a view, but if it’s great oysters we’re not picky!

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Forget those cliche islands and come on down to unexotic Shelton where you can
get Tottens, the winner of the tastiest oysters in the world 2008, plus the most
heavenyl Kumamotos and the classic Olympias the size of your thumbnail. Get them
at Xinh’s in the middle of town, or drive out the Taylor United and pick them up on ice.

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I was just talking about this last night! Taylor United in Shelton, WA has some of the best oysters I’ve ever eaten:

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That’s great, next time I go home to Olympia I’ll check that out. But on this particular trip I will only be on those three islands and would love to take my dad to a place with oysters for a birthday present. So if anyone knows of any place actually on those islands, that would be great.

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Sorry Molly, I was very bossy there. Hope you find good ones up there in the Islands Where We Take Our Parents
to Visit When They Come From Out of Town.
Just guessing.

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