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Is your turkey in the oven?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43778points) November 28th, 2013

Mine is. It is 27.5 pounds. I put it in at 9:48 so it will be at 180 F and ready to be removed at 3:15 PM. That way it can be served at 4:00 PM.
Since I am a geek, I have my bird thermocoupled and have an Excel spread sheet with expected time and temp for every half hour until it is ready. That way I can make minor temperature adjustments along the way. It will be ready on time. Martha would be jealous.

Enjoy your holiday.

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No, it’s just the way these pants ride.

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My sister’s gentleman friend’s is. I’m just making the baked beans. Here in Wisconsin it’s an hour later (or earlier, depending on how you refer to it) than it is on the East Coast, so it’s only been cooking for about two-and-a-half hours.

We’re using much less tech here: a paper bag and a roasting pan for the turkey, and a crockpot for the beans. Now he’s making bread. (I think if my sister ever breaks up with him, I might make my own play for him.)

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Restaurant meal this year. On the plus side, no leftovers to tempt me for the next week.

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The first turkey is cooked, and the second went in the oven at 7 this morning.
Our Thanksgivings are true gatherings. We are expecting 16 people this year.
Happy Turkey Day everyone!

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I am going to make fusilli with tomato sauce.

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It’s 11:30 and the turkey is at 107F instead of the predicted 102 F. I’m setting the oven a touch lower.
Thanksgeeking indeed!

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No. I have a joint of beef in the slow cooker.

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No ,i am going to my younger sisters house for dinner so i wont make turkey until Friday or Saturday. .i am doing a whole turkey breast on a rotisserie.

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Turkey installed. No aroma yet. Waiting patiently.

Early this morning I did my annual ‘peel and cut up the potatoes and turnips’ job. One of these years cutting those turnips is going to land me in the Emergency Room, I know it.

( I wonder what someone would charge me just to handle the turnips responsibility….)

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Nope, cooking organic, free range chicken breasts instead with all the usual trimmings and my cranberry relish. Easy and delicious!

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You got it goin’ on @LuckyGuy!

Mine better be. We’re eating out this year.

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1:00 and still about 8 F above design specifications. Another touch to the temp control.

If you didn’t know me so well this would be embarrassing.

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(((((We ♥ you!)))) And our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your turkey!

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No, this is the first time we are going out to a restaurant for Thanksgiving. We’re having some company next week, so we’ll probably do the proper dinner thing then.

Hope you all have a lovely time today!

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Wait wait! You were off your calculations by 3 minutes! It will be ready at 3:18, and can be served at 4:03. Hope that doesn’t completely screw things up for you.

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And Here is @LuckyGuy making his gravy.

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LOLL!!! As I said, we will be praying for you @LuckyGuy. :)

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I’m going to make fusilli jerry

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4:03? I think not. I’m setting the oven to 325.6 right now.

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why do you not just order a pizza?

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No turkey this year; my MIL is making Paella. I don’t care about not having Thanksgiving food on Thanksgiving, but I was feeling badly about not having any latkes last night. I had my FIL buy a couple when he went to pick up a cake for tonight, and unfortunately they were not very good.

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I woke up at 6 AM to start frying the six turkeys for my family’s feast. Feeding 50 people is not easy.

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I’m sticking my turkey in plenty of ovens tonight

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Nope, it ‘s in my belly. I’m in Francej and we ate already.

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I’m frying. As we speak.

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My son is taking cooking lessons this year, so he decided to do Thanksgiving. He is using my house as a base, and it’s nearly as hard as doing it myself because he doesn’t know where everything is and he doesn’t clean up after doing each task, so the kitchen is getting messier and messier. Plus he just dropped a two liter bottle of soda, and it exploded all over the place.

He was so busy preparing stuff that he didn’t get the turkey in until 4 pm, because he made scones first, and they needed the oven. The potatoes arent’ boiling yet. I hope we get to eat before bedtime.

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@YARNLADY Oh my, I feel for you. I hope it turns out well in the end, and that your son figures out how he needs to proceed next year with a little a lot of help from you.

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I hope you screamed at him like Gordon Ramsay.

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@ragingloli “You donkey – what have you done with the turkey? GET OUT!” LOL

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“This turkey is so raw, it is waiting to be pardoned by the President!”

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We cook ours on the grill – a large kamado-style ceramic grill with natural lump charcoal. The bird is fresh from the poultry farm near our house – a Red Bourbon breed, which is not as big as the white turkeys and the meat is more moist, as well.

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It’s 9:22 now and all is well. The dinner is over and everyone had a great time. Hubby and I are cleaning up and just getting ready to start the dishwasher. The left overs have all been parcelled out.

I got called away to put the boys to bed, and that turns out to be a 45 minute task.

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I put my hobo into the oven.

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The turkey timing was flawless. Of course. It had more thermocouples in it than a NASA solid rocket booster.
Good time was had by all.
I carved the entire turkey and gave away almost all the leftovers. I have a couple of bags that I have reserved for the fox family out back. I’ll put some out when the weather is colder and it is difficult for the critters to hunt.

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I’m so glad! We just got home and I said to my husband, “I gotta find out how LuckyGuy’s turkey went!!”

Yep, my turkey was in the oven, so was my ham and a filet Mignon was on the grill. That’s not even mentioning the sides. I made out like a bandit for $6.99. Unbelievable.

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