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How do you stay awake?

Asked by GrellAKAFruitQueen (65points) December 2nd, 2013

When attending class early in the morning or just talking to a friend late at night on skype,how do you tend to stay awake?Any tips and tricks besides coffee and energy drinks?

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I actually like your question, I am myself working on a way to find out how to stay up, you know! Not a help.
But I have read that learning more and more about the sleep and its effects on the subconscious may assist :)

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Liquid b12 and d3, a focus or energy bright yellow or vibrant red Reiki meditation, cold water, an alpha brain wave track on YouTube.

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Get up earlier than necessary and take a nice hot shower, eat a healthy breakfast, and drink a glass of juice just before class.

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stimulating conversation usually does it.

Keep the lights on and don’t lay down

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Get enough sleep on a regular basis. I know it’s hard when you’re in classes and trying to stay in touch with people, but it will eliminate the struggle to stay awake, and make your brain function much more clearly.

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Caffiene has no effect on me at all. A substantial breakfast helps, as does a snack mid-afternoon. But generally if I’m tired the only thing I can do to cure it is actually sleep. I just have to ensure I get sufficient sleep at night so that I’m not tired in the daytime.

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Setting and keeping a regular schedule helps. Know how much sleep your body needs naturally and plan around that. I’m around 7 hours, for example. Any more than that you’ll be groggy and less than that you’ll be tired.

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I tried going to the early classes, but kept falling asleep despite doing just about everything mentioned above. The only thing that works for me is chewing gum or eating, in general.

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I get plenty of sleep the night before.

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You are “attending class early in the morning,” and “talking to a friend late at night on skype”. It sounds like you are burning the candle at both ends.
That is fine for a short while but it will catch up with you. You are human.
Eat right, exercise, get the right amount of sleep and try to keep a regular schedule.

(Sorry for the boring answer.)

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Push ups and planks in the evening
Starbucks in the morning.

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I have a much harder time falling asleep than waking up. Valerian tea and/or melatonin most nights and an audiobook will usually do it. Tylenol PM for serious attacks. Or I’ll just stay awake and resolve not to drive again until I catch some REM.

It’s 1:10 AM EST. My husband and my son have both been snoring away as happily as two asthmatics can for hours. I’m about to plug into some Dawkins and try to hit the hay, but I really don’t feel like it.

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Get up and walk around, make something to eat.

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If only I knew… I would be rich.

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