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What would you give the ex-bride at her divorce party?

Asked by Whattodo (101points) June 26th, 2008

They split up their stuff. I’d like to be practical and a little creative here, since she’s obviously celebrating.

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A toolbox and/or an Ann Summers gift basket.

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Divorce party? Never heard of it… but something randy… toys maybe? wink wink

If that’s a little inappropriate, get her some nice shampoos/soap/spa-kit things.

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Any day-spas around? You two going out and getting pampered might be fun. And I think catering to her emotional needs might help more than a new microwave.

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Tickets to an event, membership in a group that covers a hobby or interest of hers, or a homemade “gift certificate” inviting her out for dinner. Once the party’s over, long lonely evenings can stretch ahead.

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You really should just throw another bachelorette party… makes sense welcoming her back to being single

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if you opt for the shampoo be sure to add a cd of the “wash that man right outta my hair” song

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By FAR the best answer I can imagine! Thanks!

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Introduce her to your coool older brother.

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Acck, no dating for months. Many relationship experts suggest a full year to mourn the relationship and experience all the anniversaries. Friends are different.

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A long trip. Cancun, preferably.

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If you’re willing, you can give her homemade coupons for free “bitch sessions.” I don’t know how close you two are, but she may want that.

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