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Chrome Users: I have a bug that keeps Yahoo as my default even after I set as home page how do I get rid of this?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) December 3rd, 2013

I’ve deleted Chrome and downloaded several times. Even deleted Chrome and waited 4 months before trying again. I have no clue what to do.

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It might be helpful if you include the OS of the machine on which you’re having this problem.

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I’m too late to edit it in. But I’m working on OSX Mac. I had it from Mt. Lion and have updated to Mavericks since.

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Are you by any chance using uTorrent on your Mac?

I remember being sickened (not infected, just mad at whoever thought it was a good idea to put malware in the uTorrent installer) but maybe the same got you too.

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I’m on Mavericks; I’ve lost track of the felines, but mine is the first retina screen MacBook Pro, so it’s just over a year old – anyway, I have chrome set to open about 6 tabs in the home page and haven’t had a problem. If you haven’t been able to reset it in your preferences, then I agree that there must be some sort of bug or something. Is it still in warranty?

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Go to CNet. com and download the latest free versions of IObit Uninstaller, IObit Malware Fighter, and IObit Advanced System Care appropriate to your operating system. Make sure you read the site carefully and download the right program. Then, in order to prevent unwanted hitchhiker software, choose “Custom Install” and read every page and deny/refuse any unwanted riders.

After installation, run a scan, fix, repair, reboot if recommended, then use the Uninstaller to get rid of any software you want and any new stuff you downloaded at about the same time you began having problems. Be sure to use the second “Deep Scan” feature after you’ve finished the initial uninstall. This will get rid of any remnants of the program hidden in your registry and other places. It is very thorough and not available on many other uninstallers. Then, reset your homepage.

If you make a mistake and get rid of something important, the IObit Uninstaller will have automatically created a Systen Restore Point that you can reset to and start over again. Ta-da!

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Hope this helps:!topic/chrome/R4gHWcJdgH0

You’ll need to create a new profile after removing these directories:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Spigot

C:\Program Files (x86)\Perion

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@Smitha I’m more of a “step by step” person so if you could further explain what’s going on here it might help a bit!

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@johnpowell Not uTorrent but Vuze!

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@pleiades Sorry about that.
You will first have to remove the add-ons and then reset the defaults.

To remove Vuze extensions:

To change your default search engine:

To change your home page:

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@pleiades :: Vuze is shit… rules. Disclaimer: I have contributed code to Transmission… Still the best Mac Torrent client.

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@johnpowell Vuze used to have a really sweet layout! I haven’t been able to locate the version since updating a couple times. My buddy also uses transmission I’ll give it a whirl by the end of the week :)

@Smitha Thanks! Will update as soon as I figure this out

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@Smitha I did all of the steps. I have done the first two suggestions in the past! However the simple third one you posted. “to change your home page” was the winner!

I though setting the “home button” was the same!

Ok Chrome Users with this problem.

Go to

1. Settings
2. On Start Up > Click “Set pages”

and X the dreaded Yahoo search engine link! haha

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