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How can I make my own snowshoes or fitness equipment?

Asked by Emeraldisles5 (160points) December 5th, 2013

Anybody have any good ideas on what one would need to make their own snowshoes and/or rowing machines? Basically a snowshoe looks like a shoe or a boot with a tennis racket underneath. I’m really into winter sports now, and rowing and it seems like a good way to save money if one knows what they’re doing. I also see that with snowshoes you get a better upper body workout, if you hike using the poles that come along with it? For a rowing machine, I researched how they are designed, and the site mentions using a fly wheel and attaching it to wood?

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There are all kinds of good, clean fitness equipment for sale at the local GoodWill. Start looking there. You can buy good stuff for almost nothing.
Here’s how to find the store near you: The Thrift Shopper

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I would not attempt to make your own snowshoes – it seems like a lot goes into it. Here’s a discussion of how to make the modern type, and here’s a guide on the old wood style.

The thing is, snowshoes aren’t very expensive to buy. You’d probably spend more time in money and time than is worth it to craft some, although I understand having enjoyment in projects for their own sake.

Also…I wouldn’t get snowshoes from the Goodwill or craigslist, or used at all unless you really know and trust the source to tell you the full history of the ‘shoes. This is because if a snowshoe has bent its tubing at all, it is totaled. These bends can apparently go unnoticed or be unbent before resale – so used ‘shoes are never recommended.

If you have never snowshoed before, try just getting your feet wet at first by renting a pair with poles at a local outdoor store or ski area. It should only cost you $10–20 and since there are many types of snowshoes with different features, you’ll be able to try a few options before buying.

Regarding the use of poles for a better upper body workout – absolutely. This is true of hiking as well.

Have fun!

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Thank you! I have size 12 feet that are wide. I see that that the whole thing the snowshoes and poles can run for about $150 off of Amazon or a sporting goods store. I heard they were a great calorie burner.

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I can and occasionally do make my own snowshoes, I recommend getting them from goodwill or a sporting goods store. Unless you have access to the right trees and sinew it will cost more for the materials than you can get new. Store bought will last longer too.

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