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Has anyone gone to bed early only to be woken up 1 hour later?

Asked by DWW25921 (6440points) December 5th, 2013

I have sleeping problems as it is. I can’t just go to sleep again. These kittens are cute but their playful midnight attacks are relentless… Tell me of your plight so that I may feel better about mine.

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At least it is playful kittens. I’ve had the following happen to me before. Imagine you are tired. You go to bed early and you can barely keep your eyes open. You fall asleep to be awaken by your spouses snoring and only a few minutes has passed. Ok. So you know how to fix this. You nudge him over and he stops. Then you fall out again. Now its’ the dogs turn. He feels restless and decides he has to go out and pee. Fine! You get up and put a leash on him and just step out your door a few feet and let him pee. Now he feels like playing. You yell no and he sulks away. You go back to bed. You start to doze off but its like your body is waiting for the next nightmare. Now you feel the room is too warm. Then you kick all the blankets off and just decide to go and read something on the computer till you get too bored to read anymore. It takes about 2 hours or so and you head back to bed. You feel cooled off and sleepy. You finally are able to sleep for two hours or so and the stupid sun comes up. You ignore it and try to sleep some more. You are successful and then that stupid telemarketer calls you at 830 am on a Sunday morning. Heads will roll all day, starting with the telemarketer. Kittens I get. At least they are cute.

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@Pandora Excellent dissertation, I couldn’t possibly relate more. Kittens are very cute…

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I can’t silence my phone at night because my 77 year old dad might call with bad news about my mom’s health.

I sleep well when I know my phone will be silent. I don’t sleep well when I think I might get a call. Worrying about family is the worst

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Typically it is a phone call from someone wanting something from me. I don’t recall ever being woken up by a phone call from someone who wanted to give me money.
I take half a benadryl and read for a few minutes. That puts me to sleep.

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Sure it has happened to me. Phone call, wake up in pain, TV suddenly gets louder, fell asleep leaning on my husband and he wants to move, etc. Usually I can go back to sleep. I tend to nap in hour an a half cycles, so if you wake me at the hour mark it might be painful. Sometimes when I am just falling asleep and my husband wakes me I feel like I am going to have a heart attack. In the middle of the night I never feel like that.

My cats bothering me might really piss me off. I had one cat who would come to my bed sometimes at night, but he would just curl up (after patting down his nest) if I petted him and rubbed the bed where he should lie down, and I could go back to sleep. It happened at all times, just after I fell asleep, middle of the night, early morning. That didn’t bother me. Another cat used to come in early morning if he was hungry and pat my face with his paw to wake me up. That was annoying, but super cute how he did it. Usually he bothered my mom to eat. If I had to wake up every morning before I wanted to to feed a pet I would be pretty unhappy.

You might have to close your bedroom door if the kitty is driving you crazy.

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I sail solo quite a bit. Sometimes for distances of a couple hundred miles, and sometimes in bad weather. A few times, I have gone days at the tiller with only cat naps. I have been startled from sleep by a drenching of cold, salt water surging over the gunnels; a sudden, violent lurch to her side when a powerful gust of cool air hits the sails in the middle of an otherwise placid night; awakened by an unwanted rain shower—droplets hitting so hard it feels like a million pin pricks—when entering a squall line. Even though these are modern times and I have auto pilot, it only works when I’m under deisel power, so someone still has to work the sails and only a fool would spend any significant time below (When Buddy the Cat was with me, he would sometimes waken me minutes before a weather change by nibbling at my hands and arms. A great first mate and I miss him). But don’t misunderstand. I’m not complaining. This is the life for me. It beats fighting traffic every morning and putting up with badly mannered, overcaffinated bosses.

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If I know I have to get up early for something I’ll sleep like crap. Usually waking up about 2 or 3 hours after falling asleep. Then I toss and turn for about an hour and a half, get into a nice deep sleep, and by then, the alarm is going off. It is a vicious cycle.

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@flip86 In that situation I sometimes have nightmare’s of not being prepared for a test, being late to class, or being late to the airport.

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If I am overtired, I go to bed early, and get awakened by the phone. Since I am no longer overtired, I can no longer fall back to sleep, and I am awake for 4 hours before being allowed back into sleepland.

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@JLeslie Yes, the nightmares happen to me too. Sometimes I’ll wake with a start thinking I missed the alarm and I’ll still have 4 hours before I need to get up.

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Man, it’s funny you asked this… my sleep hygiene has been a goddamn mess recently. I read, get so tired that my eyes are literally shutting on me; slits that just won’t stay open. So, I put the book/kindle down stowed safely under my bed, etc. and turn over on my side and start the process of attempting sleep. The lights are already off, so I do some deep breathing. Used to be enough to drift into slumber; I’d often times wake in the middle of the night and then fall back asleep rather effortlessly. Now, though… the past couple of weeks: Toss n’ turn. Get hungry. Smoke a cigarette. Just last night, I finally fell asleep, just to be woken by a really haunting dream – yes, right around the hour mark. So, I finally fall asleep around 1, just to have to wake up at 5:45.
(Plus, I take two antipsychotics that could probably take down an elephant and melationin, and I’m still fucked. Good to know I’m not the only one…)

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@serenityNOW I feel your pain! Don’t get kittens…

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I’m a programmer and am often on-call for IT problems. On Monday, I was woken up at 3 am by an idiot that make a mistake days earlier. However, the idiot didn’t bother to do anything about it until the situation was critical. The jerkbag, also, had the nerve to call me ‘Honey’ during the call. Yep, I ripped him a new one. I finished fixing his problem, logged off, shut down the computer, got back into bed and was just drifting off when the stupid phone went off again for a different problem. Rough night. I got back to bed about 20 minutes before the alarm went off. I hate having my sleep disturbed.

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Yes. Consecutive deaths in the family coinciding with death of a friend who was the greatest guy in the world I’ve ever known coinciding with job loss did that to me.

Another instance is when I sleep having too much alcohol in my body.

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I train my cats that night time is sleep time – of course it’s been 14 or 15 years since we had more than one kitten at the same time. I play with them and run them around a bit, then they get fed just before we head up to bed. I also keep the squirt bottle handy on the nightstand if they get rambunctious during the night.

I also play a noise App (there are many, the one I use is called NatureScape) to mask my tinnitus as well as the sounds of the cats moving about and the cars passing on the street.

My fiancé got a CPAP machine within a year of us moving in together, so that made a huge difference in both of our sleep. On occasion, I hear when it is not flowing properly, so I wake him up to fix it, but it is nowhere near as often as I used to be awakened by his snoring.

I love the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on the iOS devices – I have it set for 10pm-7am, and only people on my VIP list can ring through, or if someone calls from the same number twice. The only time it failed was when some drunk idiot called me from a bar by mis-remembering her mother’s phone number. The first attempt didn’t ring, but the second did and I hung up on her; then the third call came through and it was a bouncer (off-duty cop) and I explained that they had the wrong number. I ten texted my 21-year-old son to find out if he or any of his friends were at that bar – and they weren’t. I also manually turn on the DND feature when I am at work or in the movies, etc. (I did have to leave a movie theater when my son was in a car accident a few years ago).

If I am having trouble sleeping, or falling back to sleep after I get up to pee, I play word games that provide you with 6 letters and you have to come up with as many 3–6 letter words as you can from those letters. It requires me to think just enough to distract me from whatever other thoughts might pop into my brain, but not as much as reading, TV or surfing the web do – which stimulate me too much to allow me to doze off again.

My son’s first 3 years are a complete blur to me though, because of the disrupted sleep—it is horrible.

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Most nights, I go to bed around 2 – 3 am and sleep until noon. My young grandsons are here on the weekends and they wake up around 8 or 9 am, so I try to get to bed around midnight, but it’s hard.

They wake up in the middle of the night and come into my bed. Sometimes I wake up, but not always.

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You guys are making me feel a lot better about the plight of the cute kittens…

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