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I'm tired, what's a good song to fall asleep to?

Asked by megalongcat (598points) July 29th, 2008

Normally I’d play something by Murder by Death just because it helps me rest easy. Any other suggestions?

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Anything by Morrissey or Enya.

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Any of Brian Eno’s ambient albums, especially The Pearl, Apollo, or Music for Airports.

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killing me softly with his songs by Roberta Flack

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I put Zero 7’s song “Destiny” on repeat. :)

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Talk radio dude!
turn it down loooow :)

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“Naked as We Came” by Iron and Wine
the ultimate sleep song

also “Universal Traveler” by Air.

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I have a play list I made just for falling asleep;

Crickets, by Akron Family
Oh Sister, by Andrew Brid
Michelle, by The Beatles
Noah’s Arc, by Braddigan
First Day of my Life, by Bright Eyes
Transistor Radio, by Cloud Cult
Leisure Suite, by Feist
Isabelle, by Gregory and The Hawk
The Trapeze Swinger, by Iron and Wine
Ghostship, by Menomena
Rebel Prince, by Rufus Wainright
The Gold Finch and the Red Oak Tree, by Ted Leo and The Pharmacists
Citywide Rodeo, by The Weepies
Toxic, covered by Yael Naim
In the Waiting Line, Zero 7

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My “InstaSleep” playlist in my Media Player is six hours long, so I won’t post the whole thing. But here are a few songs from it that relax me no matter what:

Ain’t No Sunshine—Eva Cassidy
Anna Rose—Vienna Teng
Asleep and Dreaming—The Magnetic Fields
Barcelona—Rufus Wainwright
Darkest Dreaming—David Sylvian
Daughters of the Soho Riots—The National
Eli the Barrow Boy—The Decemberists
The Fear You Won’t Fall—Joshua Radin
Happiness—Grant Lee Buffalo
Heartbeats—Jose Gonzalez
Heaven—John Barrowman
Honey and the Moon—Joseph Arthur
I Will Follow You into the Dark—Death Cab for Cutie
Lullaby for a Stormy Night—Vienna Teng
Miss Otis Regrets—John Barrowman
Playing Possum for a Peek—Owen
The River Driver—Great Big Sea
Smile Like You Mean It—David Gray
To Be Alone With You—Sufjan Stevens
The Water is Wide—Vangelis
When the Music’s Not Forgotten—Deadman
With or Without You—Penn Masala
Wonderful World/Over the Rainbow—Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole

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Soundtrack from Sound of Music

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Be Here Now by Ray LaMontagne

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depends what you like…

Some soundtracks that come to mind:
The Hours
Seven Years in Tibet
Eastern Promises
Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
Pride and Prejudice
Notes on a Scandal

also check out Bobby Mcferrin’s album Beyond Words

There was an earlier thread, search chill music which has some great posts.

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Stone in Focus by Aphex Twin, try listening to that on loop without going crazy or falling asleep ;) Listen for yourself

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A lot of Bright Eyes can be quite relaxing. I’d also recommend The Album Leaf, some of Bob Dylan’s quieter stuff, some Death Cab For Cutie, Morcheeba, some Pink Floyd…

Oh! And two important ones:
a) Patrick Park’s album ‘Everyone’s In Everyone’ and
b) A particular song by Electric President called Insomnia.

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Try adding “Sound of Water” by Poi Dog Pondering to your sleep playlist.

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I frequently fall asleep to Iron and Wine or Sigur Ros.

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Enigma, try the following albums
LSD – The greatest hits
MCMXC A.D. [limited edition]
A Posteriori
The screen behind the mirror
Enigma 3
The cross of changes

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Brahm’s Lullaby?

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Somehow, my ears’ will always be “in love” with the sound of Sade’s voice.

To add, any music by these artists: Aya, Amel Larrieux, Zero 7, Sia, Emiliana Torini, Jose Gonzalez, Iron & Wine, Feist, Brightblack Morning Light, etc.

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The only music i can fall asleep to.

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

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I agree with flameboi and Enigma :D I have two of their albums which are cool.

Some others that tend to send people to sleep but I like include Boards of Canada’s tunes, or The Orb’s adventures beyond the ultraworld by The Orb. They are long songs.

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Anything by Enya!

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Anything by The Beatles

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Alittle late, but put this song on repeat and slowly drift off to la la land…

_ghost – Lullaby

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The album, ‘Floating Into the Night’ by Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks theme etc) is my favourite drift off to sleep music.

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Boards of Canada is really fun to fall asleep to.

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@ amanda: yeah, “Helter Skelter” just lulls me to slumberland like a blissful babe.

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@pete yeh, definately, although they’re not quite my favourite any more I still don’t mind listening to their stuff :)

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anything by Laurie Anderson

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She’s Always a Woman, Billy Joel. Actually, just put the album (The Stranger) on, and let the record play. Yes, I said “record.”

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i accidentally deleted my official “Sleepy Time Playlist” haha. this is a mix i made for a friend that is pretty slow and sleepy i guess (and she really likes it, so that’s a plus), and a few more i just thought of.

the quiz – hello saferide
we are nowhere and it’s now – bright eyes
lived in bars – cat power (almost anything by her)
pictures of houses – tilly and the wall
where is my mind – nada surf, pixies, placebo…(you’ve got quite a choice there. my vote for this playlist is nada surf.)
breakdown – jack johnson
in fact – gregory and the hawk
on my way – ben kweller
we’re going to be friends – white stripes (maybe that’s just me?)
jorge regula – moldy peaches
existentialism on prom night – straylight run
after hours – velvet underground
sing a song for them – jenny lewis
make a plan to love me – bright eyes
sunrise – norah jones (well, just about anything by her)
rose parade – elliott smith (another one that you can listen to just about anything by him for this)

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Find anything by the ancient (1970’s) group “Tangerine Dream” A strong precursor of ambient music.

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