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What is your most cherished memory?

Asked by Knotmyday (7498points) June 26th, 2008

Mine is waking up early at my great-grandma’s house, drinking suisse mocha and watching the marine layer roll across the San Diego hills. She passed away when I was ten, but I still relive those mornings on foggy days….

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This one, right here.

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It is too hard to pick just one. Here is one that is just about perfect, because of all the sensory stimuli coupled with the perfect sense of complete safety and freedom that we have only as young children.

Running around barefoot during summer rains dancing and catching the drops with our tongues.

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surprise party my husband gave me for my 50th birthday, my whole family was there all my friends, it was a blast, didn’t realize how many people cared.

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My wedding and birth of my two boys (three memories, I cheated I guess) :)

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My beloved Rick telling me, “You’re the human being.”

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My most cherished memories are the days that my two daughters were born.

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The plane ride to Monterey, California (Defense Language Institute) to go to technical training after we survived Basic Training… It represented success and freedom from the mean drill sergeants, and I went on to make alot of friends on that plane ride 7 years ago… Unfortunately, September 11th happened shortly thereafter, but nobody can ever take away that plane ride and all it meant to all of us!!

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1: Walking up & down a hotel hallway in China – singing “Blue Skies” to my newly adopted daughter – as she fell asleep on my shoulder for the first time.

2: Standing at the alter and completely losing the ability to speak as my soon-to-be wife stepped into the doorway at the end of the aisle.

Sorry, can’t choose between the two.

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Looking into my daughter’s eyes for the very first time.

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My most cherished memory is making a first trip with my husband to Thailand this summer with a group of best friends… It will be something I will cherish for many years ahead to come.

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