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What is a torrent?

Asked by writerini (151points) June 26th, 2008
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I’m guessing that you’re referring to a torrent file. Elsewise, here’s a definition.

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A torrent can mean either a .torrent metadata file or all files described by it, depending on context.

But we’re not supposed to talk about that here. They’re illegal.

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Torrent files are not illegal per se. They are just a means of distribution. There are plenty of legitimate uses. I use them to get linux distros.

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Wait. Did I see the word “Linux”? Why on God’s green earth would anyone want anything having to do with Linux?

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its a downpour of rain
... or a ton of anything flowing.

or in the world of networking it’s a file that is downloaded by a system of seeders and downloders, similar to P2P except in a group system rather than a dyad.

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@beast, torrent files aren’t illegal whatsoever. And that Mac you’re using? Its built on the same base technology as Linux but you had to pay for it.

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I’m sorry, but Linux is just plain lame.

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@beast you have no clue what the hell you are talking about dissing linux. I would love to see you computer do anything like this. Or how about security features? Last major hacking convention mac was hacked almost instantly, windows after 2 days, linux never. Or all of the great programs that come with it.Or if i want any linux program i can just type it into my terminal and linux will go fetch it for me and install it.Linux also for much more customization than mac/windows. Hmmm as far as operating systems go linux beats out both windows and mac and is free. FREE. Oh yea, i cant see why anyone would want anything to do with something as lame as linux.

Face it, your OS is inferior and the only reason you say linux is lame is because you have a misconception of what linux is. Im willing to bet youve never even used it.

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A torrent is a file uploaded to the internet. Before it is uploaded it its compressed to a matter of kilobytes. The user then downloads the small file and using a program to expand it to its original state. Someone must always be ‘Seeding’ the file which means that they are letting others ‘Leech’ or download from them.

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