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Can you help me figure out a way to organize my stud earrings?

Asked by SwanSwanHummingbird (1270points) December 9th, 2013 from iPhone

I have a lot of stud earrings, but as of now they are strewed all about, it’s hard to find matches and I always lose the backs.

Can you come up with some way to organize my stud earrings that is easy and either
aesthetically appealing or something I can put in a drawer.

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How about getting a jewelry roll? I use one of them for my earrings and rings and works nicely. You can hide it into a drawer and the jewelry stay well organized. If you can’t afford to buy one and you are good with handcrafting, you can make one yourself, they are pretty easy to make.

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Try this:

Cut a small piece of corrugated cardboard of a size that will fit comfortably into your jewelry box.

Measure out a piece of fabric (a swatch from an old black T-shirt you don’t want anymore, perhaps) and wrap it around the cardboard, gluing it down with plain white glue or Mod Podge.

Then, when it’s all dry, poke the studs through and secure from the back, in their pairs.

Place your freshly-organized earring holder back in your jewelry box or drawer.

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I glued screen (I bought a roll at a home improvement store) to the back of a mat in a frame. I took out the glass and put the mat back in the frame… closed it up and hung it on the wall. All earrings (studs & hanging) are organized.

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I like @Seek_Kolinahr‘s idea but if you have too many for that solution, you could just use a strip of felt and once the earrings are pushed through it and secured, just roll it up to fit in your jewellry box.

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Thank you for your help. Great ideas.

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I used to know this guy named “Babette” who had a system. He’d have pill containers like old people have. He’d put earrings in the day of the week boxes so he would not wear the same outfit in a month! He already had the outfits planned that corresponded with the earrings. The system was a bit complicated but he was a professional lady! That just to say, come up with a system that works for you and that you’ll remember!

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I like the screen-in-a-frame idea as far as looks go. I’ve seen an easier way to do it that can be hidden in a drawer. You just use ice cube trays, one pair of earrings per “cube”. The trays are stackable, it’s easy to toss a pair into an empty square at the end of the day, and easy to scoop out a pair in the morning.

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I just put the post of one through the backing of the other so that they stay paired, I have a jewelry box with a compartmentalized drawer and I group them by color or style similarities.

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As mentioned above you can use old ice cube trays or may be egg cartons. They fit into most dresser drawers. Cheap, easy and useful! You can also use foam sheets and organize the earrings on there. Foam sheets are really inexpensive and you can find them anywhere. A Needlepoint Canvas Earring Holder would also be a great idea.

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I have a cool scarf to put studs on. It can be rolled up, folded, put on a hanger, hung on a door hook.

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