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Who is the recipient, in "recipient's email" on a contact us form?

Asked by flo (10342points) December 9th, 2013

On the contact us form there’s “your name” “your email”, “copy me”, but who is “the recepient”? The recipient is the person who would be reading the email. This must be an error, right?

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I suppose if you want it to go to a specific person? Maybe? That’s all I got.

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The company may have a general inbox for contact us messages. Putting a name in the recipient box would insure that your inquiry is handled by the right person. Just a guess.

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I’ve seen that on “Share” forms – if you want to email an article to a friend, for example; I haven’t seen it on “Contact Us” forms. Is there a chance you clicked the wrong button accidentally, or maybe it’s a bad link? Try hitting the Back button and checking the link again. Otherwise, I’d be looking for an email listed on the site that I could copy and paste there.

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My vote would be for the stupid web developer who put such an ambiguous input on a Contact Us form. Email them ordering them back to UI-001 (Bonehead User Interface).

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Thank you all. Yes, it does make sense if the emailer has a particular recipient in mind. By the way I forgot to add, it is a “required” field.

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When people are using the contact us form for the first time, they probably don’t know the name of anyone yet, let alone their email address.

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@flo Rule 1 of form design is that if some users will have trouble knowing what to put in a given input, it should NOT be a required field.

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That is it @ETpro. I was addressing those developers (you referred to in your last post) who might have done that or are planning to.

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