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Where and at which faculties in the old continent can one pursue a degree in astrophysics?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) December 11th, 2013

I hear there are programme at faculties of science in Sweden, Austria, etc… But I’d like a personal opinion from any of you who might be able to offer about the structure of the programmes, credits, professors… in any uni, in any European country. (Of course, if you know of anything outside of Europe, that’d be great to know as well)

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You kidding? Doesn’t Cambridge flash the huge Vegas-like blindingly bright Stephen Hawking sign to dazzle any and all in your field?

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Don’t try the Vatican University in Rome.

Seriously- doesn’t one of the colleges of the Max Planck Institute in Frankfurt have an astrophysics program?

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@stanleybmanly Yes, I didn’t care to mention the few I already know of, so to allow the pleasant surprise of someone pointing out an obviousness with such taste as you did.

@elbanditoroso Good point. Although there are some good minds coming out of there well trained, regardless. Why, personal experiences there? ‘Max Planck_ well, they should, shouldn’t they? cheers for that

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