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Do you think a healthy SEE FOOD, diet will work?

Asked by Pandora (27183points) December 11th, 2013

I’ve been thinking about different ways to reach for healthy snacks vs. the fattening sweet ones. I know that, for me, commercials often wet my appetite. So I am about to start an experiment to help me eat healthier by eating fruits and vegetables that I am fond of. I realize that in restaurants I am drawn to the salad bar and fruit bar.

So it had me thinking about taking photos of juicy sweet fruits and salads put together and pasting them all over my fridge. I figured by seeing tempting photos of them, I may be more inclined to want them more and maybe reach for them before the two scoops of icecream, or before making a blt sandwich when I want a snack, or some cookies.

Most days I just want something tasty to eat but when I open the fridge and see some bacon, I don’t bother to look in the salad tray. So, I wondered if I advertise, the healthy stuff, if it may make me more prone to choose them first.

I do eat well most days but with winter upon me, I find I have been gravitating towards junk food and I don’t want to find myself 30 lbs heavier come April.

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Might it be easier to simply not keep bacon in the fridge, ice cream in the freezer and cookies in the pantry? if there’s ice cream available, a photo of two beets and a kale leaf probably won’t cut it.

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^^ +1

If available, how about 1 picture of you fat, and 1 picture of you skinny, near your worst temptations.

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Ok, I ‘m not crazy about beets and kale. LOL, I find that by having certain foods, I am actually less likely to crave the all the time. I’m just giving an example. Some of the dishes I eat would have to be explained since they are Puerto Rican dishes. All yummy but most are fattening and healthy at the same time. I make enough to have left overs because I hate to cook everyday.
But I figured if I ate more veggies and fruit that I will eat less of the other stuff. But I need them to be more tempting.
@bossob Lol, I’m a bit over what my weight should be. Luckily I tend to pack the weight in all the right places and I work out so some is muscles.. But at 5 feet tall, even 5 lbs extra is noticeable and it is way easier for me to put on weight than it is to lose it. I don’t care for diets especially since I don’t really eat much, because I am not very hungry most of the time. But I do want to eat better.

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It’s worth trying. I find commercials for food make me want to eat also. I purposely don’t watch food shows, except for a select few that both my husband and I like, but they are the competition realty ones like Master Chef.

I find the best way is to completely change what is inside my fridge and pantry as suggested above. I still have some cheat items in the kitchen, but rarely. Cheating is for when I eat out, once or twice a week, and I still try not to be terrible. Mind you, the complete change still is not a super fantastic healthy diet, but much much better than if I bought all the things I used to eat. I try to be very close to vegan at home. Sometimes I get on a cereal jag so then I consume some skim milk. Once in a while an egg white omelet.

A lot of your diet is probably good if you are PR. Lots of beans I would assume. I change my bean recipes that had bacon in them to no bacon and add a little chicken boulion instead. That isn’t vegan obviously, sometimes I use boullion for flavor. I need it less and less as my tastes change.

Going more vegetarian has had the side benefit of fewer pots and pans to wash and I actually spend a little less money on food, but I don’t buy a lot of organic fruits and vegetables.

Meanwhile, I have been off the wagon for about a month and my waistline shows it, and so does my husband’s. I just went to the market today to start changing over again.

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I forgot to add that if I have the bad food in the house eating something healthy first doesn’t work well for me, I just eat even more. I eat the healthy and then still eat the unhealthy. I know there have been studies showing the method works, but it doesn’t for me.

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I’ve been eating more fruit in the morning lately. The fruit has a small amount of calories and, believe it or not, it keeps me satisfied. I also cut refined sugar almost completely from my diet. When I eat sugary foods they make me feel like crap. I had a coke tonight for the first time in about a year and it tasted like chemicals. It was nasty. I remember now why I stopped drinking it. I can’t even stomach ice cream.

I think the more you eat fresh fruits and veggies, the less you’ll want the refined sugar/corn syrup junk. That’s how it’s been for me at least.

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I am of the ” run like hell from temptation ” mindset. If I don’t want to be tempted I don’t keep “it” in the house. ” It” is anything sweet, ice cream, pie, cookies, ( I could care less about chips, unless it’s chips and salsa, haha ) beer I LOVE beer etc.
Right now my mostly healthy snack choices are apples, peanut butter with a few pretzels, yogurt covered raisins, ( for my sweet tooth ) little peppermint puff candies & spicey rice crackers and low fat Mozarella string cheese.

Just stock up on the snack items that are relatively healthy and safe.

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I’m not a huge fruit eater. I prefer veggies, but sometimes celery sticks just aren’t going to cut it. I’ve found that dipping them in salsa makes me feel better about it. It seems more like a snack than a punishment. lol

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