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Where can I find large bed that can fit in the bedroom for a 197 Centimeter tall man?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) December 14th, 2013

Right now I have a queen sized bed, and it is the biggest that can fit downstairs. I was wondering if I can put together two queen sized beds without having a seam poking at me in the middle. Creative answers like sleeping on the floor or a hammock are welcome.

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Traditionally, king-sized beds use two frames that hook together, two twin-sized box springs and mattresses and king-sized pads, sheets and blankets. That is what I have; it stays together. You can also get the frames, the box springs, mattresses and all the linens extra-long.

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A California King is the largest bed I know, but queen beds are 80 inches long, which is long enough for you, right? 197/2.54=77.5
If you need to go up, a California King should be longer.
Fo a more economical idea, get one of those chair things to put at the end of your bed to make up for it. Or add a small bed to the end of yours.

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Whatever happened to the custom coffin idea?

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I think that will shrink the overall sleeping space instead of expanding it.

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@Coloma I don’t have the money for a custom coffin right now… and I just plain forgot. I will have to have a place of my own lest I get the wrong kind of attention.

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