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Peter O'Toole dies: Which of his films was your favourite?

Asked by ucme (46227points) December 15th, 2013

Received eight oscar nominations without winning one, an unwanted record, but one still to be proud of. He did “win” an honorary Oscar for his body of work, but still…

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Lawrence of Arabia .
RIP Mr. Peter O’Toole

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Oh, what a shame : (

I can’t pick just one.

The Lion in Winter

My Favorite Year


R.I.P. Mr. O’Toole, you were a class act.

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I feel very sad about this. Three of my favorite movies of his were Lawrence, Beckett and Lion in Winter. I also loved him in Creator and My Favorite Year. RIP, Mr. O’Toole.

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He was up against some real heavyweight talent on each of his nominations, but to lose out eight times just seems wrong.
I liked what he said when they offered him the honorary Oscar, initially turned it down saying he was “still in the game” & would like time to “win the bugger outright.”

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Forgot to mention my fave, Murphy’s War is a fantastic film, mighty fine performance.

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Lawrence Of Arabia
The Lion In Winter
My Favorite Year

Of course he had minor roles in many great films, such as The Last Emperor and The Bible.

When my kids were growing up, I would show them movies during the Summer that had something in common. One year I showed them 10 films considered to be the best ever made when they were released. After watching “Lawrence of Arabia”, my daughter commented “My God, he is handsome! Why haven’t I seen other movies with him?” I immediately pulled out a recent film (I think it was Troy), and showed part of it to her. When she saw how old he had become, she screamed.

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My two favorites are of course Lawrence of Arabia and the often neglected Lord Jim. Lord Jim isn’t the greatest movie, but James Mason as Gentleman Brown is one of the great roles as a villain on film.

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The Lion in Winter, without question.

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Yes, @filmfann, O’Toole was such a handsome young man, and he did not age well (unlike, say, Cary Grant, who just seemed to look better and better). I read that he’d had stomach cancer in the past and apparently was quite ill in recent years. Thank goodness we have that young O’Toole on film. I will always think of him as Lawrence, robes swirling in the dessert.

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I guess “Man of La Mancha” since it’s the only one of his I have seen.

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I loved his voice-over work in Ratatouille

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I love his performances in many things. If I must limit my answer, I will say Lawrence of Arabia and The Lion in Winter.

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While I am a huge movie buff, there are several movies I have intentionally not seen, waiting for a time when I am depressed and need a fresh, great movie to watch.
One of them is “The Stunt Man”, which is very highly regarded.

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The Lion in Winter absolutely. I saw that film in NYC when it was first released and I thought it was the best film I’d ever seen. He was brilliant but slightly upstaged by Katherine Hepburn. Wonderful performance as Henry II. I saw it again a few weeks later.

Then I bought it on VHS so I could watch it again.

Then I bought it on DVD :)

Now I own it on Blu-ray I believe. It’s a film I never tire of. Brilliant cast.

I had seen him play Henry II before in Becket and liked it – but this is an amazing film.

I saw Lawrence of Arabia in Radio City Music Hall but it never grabbed me as much as The Lion in Winter did and still does.

He had great character – he was always just a tad off-beat. It was delightful.

He was a Genius.

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@MadMadMax, do you realize O’Toole was only 36 when he made “Lion in Winter” – 25 years younger than Hepburn! He was only 32 when he played the same character four years earlier on “Becket.”

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Have to watch Lion In Winter. He was in a horror film I like, Phantoms. Richard Harris, Peter O’Toole and Michael Caine. Just love all three.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room Yep. I remember an article about the makeup and padding him up to look heavy when he was always very thin. They certainly pulled it off.

And a young Anthony Hopkins played Richard Lionheart
A really young Timothy Dalton played Phillip II of France
Nigel Terry never was a huge star but went on to focus on theater

The biggest surprise for me was that John Castle, who was brilliant as the rather sociopathic rendition of poor Prince Geoffrey, never really made it big internationally. Castle got stuck in TV mini series and the Agatha Christie set predominately. I was really drawn to him.

The whole film was brimming with talent.

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@filmfann How could I have forgotten Stunt Man! That is a very interesting movie, not like anything else I’ve ever seen. I shall have to re-watch that.

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What was the name of the film where I think he played a member of British aristocracy who believed he was Jesus Christ and would pose on a cross?

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^^That was The Ruling Class.

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@ucme“That was The Ruling Class.”

Ah yes, thanks. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t crazy about that one.

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Just kidding.

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^^Kid away, no need to announce it, no one gives a fuck anyway.

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