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Quick! Academy Award Reactions!

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8281points) February 22nd, 2009

What did you think of the winners? If you didn’t agree, who should’ve won? Who was, in your opinion, best or worst dressed? What about Heath Ledger’s family’s speech? Or the screenwriter of Milk? What were your favorite and least favorite parts? WTF was with the musical number????

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Whoopi Goldberg is gross. I couldn’t watch after that.

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I am watching it now on youtube. Damn they upload quick. I know about the results though, and I am very happy to learn that Slumdog won big. Great movie.

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Sean Penn!!!!

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Boring, boring, boring, as usual. Sean Penn’s speech was awesome though!
I think Whoopi was worst dressed… ugh! What was that?!?! She’s always been daring, but this was just flat out ugly.

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Boring. Typical stuff: political speeches, the expected winners. The Apatow short was funny, that’s about it. Props to Heath Ledger, the family’s speech was nice; why didn’t they bring his daughter onstage and bring down the house?


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@eponymoushipster Right?!?! They spent the first part focusing on Queen Latifah instead of the dead people.

As far as Heath’s daughter though, you gotta remember she’s little and her mom is trying to give her a normal life. I’m glad there wasn’t a successful attempt to use a child for ratings/tears

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Whoopi was definitely the worst dressed.
Best dressed, I really don’t know…I loved Miley Cyrus’ gown, but it’s a little too princessy to be “best” in my opinion. I think I have to go with Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz.

I haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire, but I officially hate it, simply because I’m now sick of hearing the name over and over and OVER again. But I love that Winslet got best actress and that Wall-E got best animated.

And I think Hugh Jackman did a great job.

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I was fast asleep.

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I understand it’s annoying always hearing about it but don’t hate on Slumdog, it’s a great film.

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And I was happy that “man on wire” won. It’s a really good doc.

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@purephase So true. I loved, loved, loved the movie and was tired of it by the end of the Awards.
Block the Oscars out of your mind and see it anyway, Ashpea. It’s truly a great movie.

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Ehhh fine fine fiiiiine.

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I didn’t watch the Oscars but I heard that Heath Ledger won for Best Supporting Actor. That was probably the highlight of the evening and the best choice out of all the awards, in my opinion.

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I was really impressed with Mickey Rourke in the Wrestler and wanted him to win. I really like Sean Penn and like that he gave Mr. Rourke his due. I have yet to see Milk, so I can really say how the two performances compared.

I got pissed seeing how badly the montage went. I love Queen Latifah’s singing, but what was up with not focusing on the screen so we can see what the hell is going on? I don’t even know who the first few people remembered were because I coiuldn’t see their names or faces from that far back.

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It’s a travesty that the wrestler didn’t win, but the oscars are not about honouring good films it seems.

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I’m not a fan of Kate Winslet. I was hoping she didn’t win.

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I posted a question about the songs being nominated for Best Song. Three? 2 of which are from India? What’s happening with movie music these days? Last year the songs were songs nobody heard of as well.

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Last year the song from Once, Falling Slowly, won. It wasn’t a radio hit, but what is these days. It was a great song. I don’t know why there weren’t more songs nominated this year though.

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I’m just glad brad and Angelina didn’t win!!!...Heath Ledger winning was obvious…and I was surprised about Sean Penn winning over Mickey Rourke, I wish Mickey had won but Sean Penn is good too…I also liked the new way they introduced the nominees

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I don’t understand why everyone was so fucking enthralled with Mickey Rourke. I mean, honestly, did anyone SEE Milk? That was a fucking BRILLIANT film! Sean Penn was STELLAR. I don’t give a shit if The Wrestler was Mickey Rourke’s ‘return’ or whatever, Sean Penn has been making astounding films for years. Rourke didn’t even WANT that award and has been vocally opposed to the Academy as an institution. His performance was great, I’m not debating that, but FUCK, give Sean Penn a little credit!

On other notes, I’m very glad that neither Brad nor Angelina won, and thought it was a little bitchy that they kept cutting from shots of Jennifer Aniston to shots of Angelina Jolie… like gawd. I was happy about Heath Ledger, not upset about Kate Winslet, but didn’t really think Penelope Cruz deserved it. I also loved Slumdog Millionaire to the moon and back, but I thought Milk was a superior film.

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Not a fan of the new millenium, or movies for that matter, but watched it because everyone will be talking about it.

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@90s_kid: I have legit never seen you say you like anything except the 90s. Who doesn’t like movies? Gosh.

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I’d rather be spending my time outside or doing something productive. I have seen a few movies, but I generally do not enjoy them.
FYI Ilike the 80’s also :)

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Says the one constantly on fluther.

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@90s_kid: ok, fine. I know I’ve said this before, but I really feel like you could lighten up a little. It’s really okay to have interests and likes, I promise.

@Eambos: Haha, good point.

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I like everything

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@purephase: Con…gratu…lations?

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…ho hum…

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