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Is this another attack on Jesus in the war on Christmas?

Asked by ragingloli (49482points) December 15th, 2013

People put up a Festivus Pole next to a nativity scene, and conservatives are already outraged:

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I think Christmas seems to manage to hold its own against all attacks.

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This agnostic dude loves Christmas. I already put up a tree. But I am not giving gifts this year. I have some dental issues that need to be addressed and saving for that is way more important than buying shit for people that they don’t need or want.

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It’s faux outrage. Festivus is not remotely edgy or troubling. Festivus is the offends no-one type of thing that can only appeal to someone who is witless, dull, misanthropic, and uptight.

A conservative, basically. Conservatives are bending backward to find something.

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^ For serious.

“Wah! How dare you make a Seinfeld reference related to my quasi-Pagan winter solstice festival!”

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It has nothing to do with a attack on Jesus but it sure does give the neocon drama queen’s a feeble excuse to light their hair on fire over it.

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The actual War on Christmas is the hatefest that conservatives stir up every year about the imaginary War on Christmas.

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No one cares about Jesus. Christmas is really only about vacation time.

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Sure. It’s a mild attack on Christmas; I don’t mind. It’ll get to be much more frequent as time goes by – sort of like school shootings. Some things we should just accept. But for atheists to have a Christmas tree and give out presents and sing carols? I think that is so dishonest and cowardly. Man up and stay away from the trees and gifts if you don’t believe and quit being hypocrites. I would actually admire an atheist who stood his ground and made Christmas Day a day like any other.

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@Blackberry And consumerism…..BUY MORE SHITTT!!!

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@Blackberry “no one cares about Jesus.” Why say such a thing? You know better than that.

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Dishonest, eh?
Christians stole the Christmas tree from Pagans.
Weekdays are named after nordic gods.
Months are named after Roman gods and emperors.

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@ragingloli they STOLE it? When? Last year? I prefer the word, borrowed. Christmas trees have made untold millions of kids joyous on December 25th. Which is more important? And it would be so unfair to the atheists if this act of “stealing” never happened. What would they tell their kids and grandkids who would feel left out of the occasion? Jesus is a stupid story for morons, little darlings? No; they won’t do that. Because they love the day and love to give gifts to little children. So dishonest.

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Let me get this straight. You want non-believers to leave your party alone? Fucking awesome. Get your nativity scene out of the fucking courthouses I pay for and I will burn my Christmas tree. We will call it even.

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Did you seriously just compare putting up an aluminum pole next to a wooden lean-to full of ceramic fairy tale characters to a school shooting?

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They see any encroachment upon their religious monopoly, any sign of others wanting to exercise their freedom of religion, any resistance to their own attacks on the rights of others, as an attack.

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I usually say we celebrate “Yule” or “Solstice”, more as cultural celebrations than anything, as my ancestry and my husband’s ancestry is Celtic and Germanic. It’s all the same animal, though. Big tree, lots of seasonal food, hot alcoholic beverages, and gift-giving and merry-making. Man in red suit is nowhere to be seen, nor is small middle-eastern child.

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@johnpowell you would never get rid of your Christmas tree regardless of whether there were nativity scenes or not. You love to give and receive presents, when you can afford it and you love the big dinners. Too bad you don’t get to enjoy the huge church dinners I go to. Boy, can those old women put out a gorgeous spread of ribs, ham, turkey and all the desserts.
@Seek_Kolinahr it is my opinion that with the growing disbelief in God, the advancing divorce rate, the reduction in church attendance and the approach of Socialism in America that we will have more and more mass murders of kids . Drug use will increase and children will be killed. Or do you think schools were being shot up in the 1950’s on a regular basis when prayer was allowed in schools and people tended to stay married even though the thrill was gone?
I have several grandchildren. Two of them attend Christian schools and go to church every Sunday. They are happy, well behaved with no notable problems. My other grandson doesn’t go to church, his mother has been divorced twice and he has already been suspended twice and arrested once. He smokes pot and will take multiple benzos at any opportunity. He is one angry kid and had to be airlifted to a children’s’ hospital two months ago from an overdose. He denies everything. He lies and steals . HIs father has nothing to do with him nor do his aunt and uncles.
Of course , all of my claims can be swiftly rationalized away. We shall see. And by the way: I fully realize that some kids who are “unchurched” are great citizens. I’m speaking in generalities.

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Karl Pierson, 12/13/13, Arapahoe High School, Centennial Colorado.

Went in with a shotgun, looking for a teacher he had a grudge against. Shot a girl in the head and shot another girl. Went into a classroom and committed suicide.

Good boy. Excellent student. Christian. Went to church every Sunday and Bible Studies. Well to do family. Educated parents. Frequently bullied, but well liked.

My point is—there are more factors affecting out country’s shift than belief in God. The Media, loss of privacy, respect, decency. Increase in technology and social distance. Harvard Business School’s 1980 model that human are expendable capital- which has more impact on our economy and culture than many people realize. And, God help me, I hate the current climate of everything having to be either-or, this-OR-that…. not this-AND-that.

Christmas is TWO things. A Christian holiday. AND. A cultural tradition. It’s not an either- or. It is both. So @Aster can enjoy her Christian holiday the way she sees fit. And. @johnpowell can enjoy his cultural tradition of goodwill as he sees fit. And. My friends can celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Solstice, Yule, St. Nick’s Day, etc… as they see fit.

What’s wrong with that????

What is wrong is people thinking others have to be wrong for them to be right.

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“Socialism in America that we will have more and more mass murders of kids .”

Are you drunker than I am?

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Is that why the crime rates of “socialist” europe are several factors smaller than the colonies’?

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It is kinda funny. This is all about Jesus and that dude was the biggest Socialist I never met.

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Being a so-called Socialist two thousand years ago cannot be compared to the climate of 2013. In the fifties most kids went to church, there were very few divorces and all the things that I mentioned. But kids killing people? Can this be but one phenomenon we can refer to as new and shocking? Or business as usual. I also think violent video games hasn’t been a deterrent. They may be pushing these kids over the edge. Of course, it’s hard for me to understand. It’s a complex issue not to be written off to taking God out of our schools.

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Ah, the 1950s… land of picture-perfect American society.

Unless you were black, a woman, Jewish, a rromani gypsy, Latino, or poor.

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A tempest in a teapot, to borrow a phrase.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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@Aster: why not blame ever-encroaching capitalism then?

Crime has been going down, anyway. American violent crime is modestly higher than other first world countries. It’s media sensationalism that has been going up.

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This War on Christmas has gone too far. I know that Santa exists. He revealed himself to me… He’s at Cambridgeside Plaza Mall this year. The people who don’t believe just haven’t experienced his presence the way I have. ~

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Oh my….!

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@Seek_Kolinahr or liberal, Japanese, an intellectual, gay, in need of mental health services or disabled in any way.

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