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Do you really care about the Oscars?

Asked by essieness (7690points) February 22nd, 2009

Because I don’t. Not one bit. Just wondering if I’m alone in this.

Don’t get me wrong, I like movies and I appreciate the art, but I get the feeling that it’s become more about “who they’re wearing” than anything.

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No. Don’t care. I love the actors IN THE MOVIES.. beyond that… nope.

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i like to see what everyone is wearing mostly, and who the big award winners are, because an academy award (IMO) deems a movie worth watching.

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Absolutely not. I turned it on for two seconds but I had to quickly change the channel. I love movies, but I just hate these award shows.

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some of it is interesting. some of it is pointless.

this year there are some very obvious wins (heath ledger, slumdog millionare); i like it more when there is some suspense.

i think hugh jackman is doing an ok job of hosting.

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Don’t care, haven’t seen any of the movies.

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Nah, I don’t really care. But I still order Chinese and watch them every damn year. I get excited about them, then remember about 10 minutes in how much they suck, but keep watching anyway. Then I get excited again a year later.
I am a slow learner.

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I try to see all the movies that are nominated (in the main category) so of course I hope that my favorites win awards. I’m not upset if they don’t though. I love seeing what people wear, and hairstyles.

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One year, i practiced my simultaneous translation skills by listening to them with headphones on and interpreting them, then listening back to some of the speeches and seeing how well I translated them.

is that dorky?

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…Enough to not watch them, just like all other televised award ceremonies. Zilch-care.

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This year I am actually enjoying the Oscars. I have seen a lot of the movies (yay for Slumdog, Milk and I lovedd gran torino)

, and I loved the little clip with Seth Rogen and James Franco..they make my day. I dont know..I have nothing else to do so I’m fluthering, twittering and Oscaring!

:) ♥

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I think that they’re wonderfully entertaining! I like watching pretty people I recognize getting trophies, though it is sort of odd that actors do that. Do doctors, lawyers, construction workers, or taxi drivers get paid ridiculous amounts then stand around congratulating each other?

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@TheHaight if you like John Hodgman (the PC guy from the Mac ads), he’s live twittering the Oscars. pretty funny.

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P.S.: Dustin Lance Black’s acceptance speech brought me to tears actually…. did anyone see it? amazing.

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@TheHaight ~ I’m smugmugging, fluthering and oscaring :)

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@eponymoushipster Yes, ur weird, but we still love you.

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@mcbealer whats smugmugging? :D

and i’ll have to check out his twitter @eponymoushipster

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My entire world revolves around the Oscars, I have every single one of them recorded and I watch a different one everyday. My life would not be complete without this wonderful program

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thanks @mcbealer ! not another site to get addicted tooooo! :)

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I’m a shameless movie dork with pretty serious opinions on basically everything that came out this year. So yes I really do care about the Oscars!!

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@mcbealer yay! I’m glad there are a few of us left in the world!! Haha.

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this dead star montage is lame-o.

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I am not watching it because I don’t have a TV. Did AR Rahman win for soundtrack for Slumdog?

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@eponymoushipster – oh good, i love that soundtrack. Yay, that makes me happy! Thanks :)

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Before I had kids I was nuts for the Oscars. I made sure I saw every movie that was nominated (much easier to do in LA than it is in The Cornfield), filled out my ballot, and counted down to the day. It was my Super Bowl. I even had a traditional Oscar meal (soft chicken tacos). Since having children I don’t think I have watched a single broadcast all the way through.

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@SuperMouse You’re really, really not missing much. It’s painful to watch.

yet I am still watching

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@SuperMouse did you see the thing AMC theatres did yesterday? For, i think, $30 you got to watch ALL the best picture nominees in one day and unlimited popcorn.

and here we go with best director…....

….Danny Boyle.

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@eponymoushipster, that is so cool! I used to have to drive all over town to catch them all. Danny Boyle, he was Slumdog Millionaire.

@Likeradar I started losing faith in the Academy Awards when Forrest Gump and Titanic. Thank you for the info, I appreciate it!

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I don’t care to watch them, but I like to know who and what is nominated and/or wins.

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OMG Kate won !!! and she is so authentic

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Sean Penn just won.

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@Likeradar that is a good win! Isn’t that at least his second Oscar?

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Yeah. He gave a great speech, too.

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I don’t watch them, it’s just too long! I think I have TV ADD!

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What I’m really looking forward to is seeing all the fashion skewered at

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@SuperMouse I love that site. That will be the best part!

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No, you’re not alone in this. The Oscars don’t do a whole lot for me either.

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Nope. When I younger I enjoyed various music awards shows but I don’t even watch those anymore. If I’m interested in who one, I’ll just look it up later.

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Nope, I don’t give a hoot. It’s all corrupt anyway, not to mention I don’t value other people’s opinions over my own.

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@SuperMouse That site is GREAT!

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I do care about who wins them, and if I were an actor I would certainly like to get one. It’s quite a prestigious award, and it usually does go to the one whom the movie industry deems worthy. Of course there are great movies (or people) who deserve one and don’t get it due to competition, but you’ll never see a completely crap one up there.

The ceremony itself is boring and pretentious and is all about who was wearing what. Which is why I didn’t bother watching it this year either.

If I ever got one, do you think they’d let me in in my jeans?

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i don’t care for award shows in general. usually they just confirm my belief that the general public has completely different (and often pretty bad) taste in entertainment than me. what i need to know about the oscars, i will find on aol’s homepage, or on perezhilton during my once a month perez binge.

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My weiner has a first name and its
O – S – C – A – R

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@tennesseejac your weiner has a second name, it’s W-I-L-D-E

tennesseejac's avatar

@eponymoushipster Should I be concerned that you know the last name of my weiner?

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@tennesseejac i dunno, it was on the stall of the toilet in the pub i was in this evening. next to a guy called “sea bass”.

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Yes i like Oscars because it is the only award in the world which is fair and give the recognition to right candidate.

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Spilling “the ashes” of on Kim il Jong’s ashes on Ryan Seacrest? Funny? Not funny? Here

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To answer the OP give me Billy Crystal as the host. Generally not bad.

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