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If people are too afraid to do the right thing, they are .... and too afraid to do the wrong thing they are ...

Asked by flo (12304points) December 17th, 2013

What words apply respectively?

1)If you don’t rape because you are afraid of the consequences it can’t be because you’re a coward, otherwise it would mean if you do rape you are brave, which isn’t logical.

2)If you do save the child on the subway tracks by lying over the child, (NYC? story from a few years ago) it does mean your brave plus, but if you don’t does it necessarily mean you’re a coward?

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Begging the question that moral principle applies to decisions and actions that affect our survival and our happiness as human beings, and begging the question that how we treat others is merely projecting our moral values onto others in a social context…

Afraid to do the right thing…Moral cowards

Afraid to do the wrong thing…Amoral pragmatists

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@flo I honestly have no idea what the first question is asking. I couldn’t rape anyone because that is violence, not love. And the second part, not anyone can throw themselves on tracks and think I hope this works. That doesn’t make them a coward. It takes some real balls to do that. I hold it against no one if they can’t.

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you’re mixing bravery with altruism and cowardice with psychopathy.

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Thanks for your answers all.

Not too many people can be heroic as the gentleman in that example I gave, so that is not a good example. I take it back.

But I was asking about the right terminology. I’ll get back to explain what I mean.

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