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Anybody an Obamican?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) June 27th, 2008

This morning, heard the term “obamican” usually refers to republicans or (moderates like myself) who is interested in Obama. We love that word. :)

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I think you have to be unless you want another president to die (of old age) in office.

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Obama. Yes we can.

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Beast, remember who your are refering to when you say “old age”. Mccain was being tortured as a POW before you were born. Show some respect for a man who fought for this country. If you are only looking a Obama because Mccain is old, you need to check yourself.

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Im anti-obama personally, but there are a lot of obama supporters on fluther..
People in the media mesh too many words these days…..

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Viva la resistance!

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[mod says]: flame off.

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While I do like Obama 1000 times more than hillary thats still not a whole lot. I find it hard to take someone who says they are republican and is voting for obama seriously. But I guess that goes to show how thoroughly disappointed alot republicans are in the bush administration

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Why cant we all just get along??? (tears in eyes while saying)

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if you want this country to move forward and stop acting like a giant piss-ant then Obama is your man. And for the Mccain supporters who always bring up the POW thing. 1. He had no choice. 2. Just because you fight in a war and get hurt that does not make you a hero.

And before you attack me, I almost died in the first gulf war so I kind of feel like I know about this.

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@BarackObama says on twitter: Excited by the over 4000 “Unite for Change” events happening tomorrow. Visit to find an event near you.

Maybe you Obamicans should find an event to attend with us dems! Don’t worry, we don’t bite (hard)!

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why are you a republican? (i cannot think of a more polite way to ask this; please believe me that i do not mean it nastily)

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Do I have to make a list?

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please do. Perhaps you can change some minds here.

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I can make a list of why I’m a Republican

1) I believe in free enterprise
2) I believe in smaller government
3) I respect the history of Republicans (freeing slaves, giving women the right to vote)
4) Republicans are usually at the cutting edge of things, while Democrats usually tend to bring us back.
5) I believe in personal responsibility
6) Democrats (in my experience) rarely will allow themselves to see both sides of a story. Conversations I have with Democrats are usually riddled with “No that’s wrong!” While even though Reps stick to their opinion, they are willing to give your opinion merit. (obviously a generality as I haven’t met every Dem in the country)

I like Obama and I would like to see him win, only because I am sick of the general population being disappointed in our government and blaming all of our problems on Bush and Republicans. But John McCain is one of my heroes and is a true leader that is the only worthy candidate of leading this country through this difficult time.

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Oh and Jon Stewart and Bill Maher make me loath Democrats with all of my heart. Sorry for you normal Democrats, but they are awful.

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@ silicon, what do you mean by cutting edge? also how do you feel about issues like war & healthcare? tax cuts for the upper classes?

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cutting edge means that they are usually the ones in history who are thinking ahead. the rest of the stuff is issues, and have nothing to do with whether i am a democrat or republican. but war sucks, but its necessary at times. and while the current war may have been started for the wrong reasons, we can’t pull out now. there should be a better system for healthcare, but i don’t think its free healthcare for everyone. and not tax cuts for upper classes, tax cuts for businesses and entrepreneurs.

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@siliconcalley Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are comedians. They’re probably not the best representatives of Democrats. They say what they say—sometimes outrageous things—to entertain their audience. If you don’t find it funny, I’m not sure that’s a good reason to “loath Democrats with all of [your] heart.”

By the way, that type of language and generalization doesn’t make it sound like you’re the type of person who allows herself to see both sides of a story.

Making judgments about Democrats on the basis of jokes is akin to judging Republicans by the words of Ann Coulter. It’s really not fair.

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I don’t judge all of Democrats based on them, they just highly influence a lot of the Democrats I speak to. I don’t think that they are representative of all Dems, I just feel like they influence the younger community into thinking that what they say is news.

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oh silicon i don’t think they are so influential i think it’s more along the lines of comic representation

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Because the younger generations are more likely to watch CNN, I’m sure…..~

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